Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars

It was nice.

Like as in, kind of mostly boring. Sometimes I like boring.

Classic, Traditional moments happen when things are Boring.

The King and the Queen of the evening conducted them selves with the upmost of grace. Congratulations. So nice of you to share a journey to be appreciated.

 Natalie Portman in her most vulnerable state of womanhood, thank you for sharing so eloquently.

Reese Witherspoon was simple, no sequins, just stunning.

Celine always so angelic, always. I'd like to ask her one day if she ever "loses" it? More important if she could share her thoughts on keepin it all calm.

Mr Kirk Douglas, sooooo funny, I love humour, dry, thoughtful funny, no one gets hurt, we all have a chuckle, good old fashion funny. Priceless.

 It was a great night, there were ups and downs.

 The stage was a little plain.

 The award winners represented a large spectrum of film makers, touched many friends and family and community. So important when we celebrate to include all those that are a part of the team, sometimes even the fan's...

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