Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Dali Lama

Artist W.C. Rottfusser
Women's Week March 6th - 12th 2011.

It's been sometime since The Dali Lama  was last here. This past week he resigned from Politics. He would like more time to focus on Spirituality. When he was last here the Media covered most of his goings on. He has a message to send and how gracious of "news worthy" that his message was consistent and clear. In case you missed it, it was something like this; It's up to the women and the girls to teach the world about empathy and compassion...

I was hoping, looking forward to the message being something I could hold on to, a new thought, that would some how make my days more full filling. Instead this? I admit I felt like "oh great, don't put this on me!" Like my shoulders arn't already so sore enough?  Now this, really?... Yes, really, what a gift to share. Empathy and Compassion.

Mayor Nenshi
As I partook in many of last weeks event's and engaged in social discussion, There were some reoccurring thoughts, ideas and in general, ways of being. Pam Ryan spoke of Empowering Women to Their Potential. Mayor Nenshi's words recognized the importance of women and their influence on creating and running Community. Kendra Ohama shared her Passion, Honesty and Courage on becoming a three time Olympic Gold Champion. Elisabeth Fayt Encouraged people to Choose the life they want to lead.
and Pam Ryan
Over and over I listened to stories of "I had an Idea..." that's all it took. One Empowered Connected woman with Passion who Encouraged... And the results Magical.

Amy Dryer - Artist
After my week of observation and engagement I realize, so cool that many of us will continue to share empathy and compassion with the world in our own joyful quirky ways. You just never know, when doing so, might inspire an "Idea"

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  1. Women DO hold 'the power' if we just recognized that!!! The '3rd world' countries consistently do better when the birthrate drops and women have financial power in their own hands. The Micro Loan idea has proven to help women and raise their standard of living -and therefore their childrens'- and if you feel financially safe and secure then you don't have to keep pushing out babies and risking your health just to insure security in your old age. What must change is the paternalistic dominance in divorce, marital rights, child security of BOTH sexes, education of BOTH sexes, in other words the VALUE of the human female child and adult. And devalue her sexuality-namely her virginity- and acknowledge that HER sexuality is normal and HERS alone.