Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not the Fast and the Furious

Usually I keep it light. Fun, about the Joy. Sometimes though the reality is devoid of opportunity for the sunny side.

I was once a teenager. I now have a teenager and a twenty year old (not to mention the girl). So I know what goes on. I know what I wish I could control, but I can't.

They Drink those young boys. Not really sure why. It always made me sick and yet, just a few years ago I finally learned my last lesson. So I Know. It's happening.

Kind of like birth control & condoms. We don't say teenagers "hey, go have underaged sex" Yet there are systems and programs in place to help protect them through the not always best choices they make.

Though education we offer opportunity for learning about sexuality and drugs. Pictures are shown of what happens to you when you Drink and Drive.

The human reaction, that's not about me...

The reality is, it is about you. It's about your buddy, your team mate, your classmate, your girl friend...

It's about you. To many young people in these past few years in our community have passed on from the need for speed when under the influence. Ours boys are Not the Fast and the Furious.

You the teenagers can protect each other. Stand up for what's safe. Speak Out against drinking and driving.  Have a plan. Be the guy that say's "Let's leave the cars at the house tonight, we can cab it. Make it cool to pass out on the basement floor.

Most Recent Use Last Night
The grown ups can ask what's the plan? Make sure they know they have an Out. Like cab cash at the front door. My floor is always open. Even if it means smelly drunk teenagers.

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