Friday, May 6, 2011

One Thing

What's Your One Thing?

There's this Philosophy that every person could and should do their One Thing for Humanity. What ever that might mean to that One Person. All around me, I see One Things. Some people are doing lots of things, others not so much... Mostly though it is Animal Instinct to Survive, Human Nature to Thrive.

Me In Front of the UN.
Where were the Flags?
Like pieces of the puzzle my life is made up of days, weeks, months, years and even a few decades now. So, so grateful that the pieces are very colourful and are starting to fit together. Almost with a magnetic force the groupings are becoming magical in their own ways.

I passed by the UN a few years back. Instantly thought "I wish I had a voice here". I always knew that individuals some how became voices of the UN. If you've ever met me, there is no question that I am an individual.

I am passionate. One Thing, That instantly makes my Blood Boil. Always has, even though I have no personal involvement. I think that just witnessing it brings to my intellect, all the thoughts that deem my vision as UN Human. So over the years I've refrained from engaging in a spur of the moment public debate.

I have however continued to intellectualize, educate and inform myself as to the nature and the status of the One Thing. Recently, I have started to speak about and share my thoughts. So important when the time is right for Ideas to be Shared.

I used to think that the world wide web was connecting and had the power to change the world. What I know today, is that it's the people's use of the new tools that are changing the world. Shout out to Blogger, Twitter and Facebook, your, our history is in the making.

On April 26, 2011 I tweeted, yes, tweeted @ UN_Women in response to on going discussion. Starting with the basic Human Right; Every Persons shall have the Right to Show Their Face, regardless of race, religion or gender. At this time I would like to add; in all environments.

I would like to One Day introduce a Private Members Bill or bring it to Pass through Formal/Traditional means. Ultimately have the Rights Legally Packaged for International Correspondence. One Thing, with potentially UN Measurable positive impact.

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I want everybody to be smart...

A Toast to All that Make a Difference. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

 I look forward to connecting, communicating and corresponding with all persons that believe in Basic Human Rights.

Kindest Regards, Cara

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