Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Buzz on Baconfest
Bringing Home the Bacon

Save the Bacon, Chew the Fat, Cold Shoulder...

Ever wonder why Bacon is more than just an Expression? What is it about Bacon that makes us naturally smile? Why so funny...

Hi I', Bacon

It's all in the History

So I guess back in the day, like year 1105. Some guy, The Prior of Small Dunmow, Essex awarded a local couple with a side of Bacon. The Prior was impressed with the couples marital devotion. Sounds so proper...

Bacon Feast
By the 1500's, Bacon and English peasantry had become Mediaeval culinary nonsense.

And the Nonsense shall continue...

Baconfest Canada is coming to the Bowness Community Centre in Calgary Alberta on Saturday, September 24th, 2011

CJAY 92 and Baconfest Canada are proud to Present, Baconfest 2011
A full day of culinary arts, contests and celebrations. It's all about the Bacon...

The kitchens are cooking, sizzling is what they do best! Every thing from sweet to salty, well done to not so much? and then there is in Bacon. Yummy!

The Poets are preparing to Profess their love for Bacon. I'm sure most of us will connect with the sentiments. I'm already tearing, I mean cracking up:)
Did someone say Eating Contest? Once again Harvest Meats is Bring the Bacon. In case you missed it CJAY 92, Baconfest Canada, Harvest Meats and the Wildhorse Saloon served up a Ton of Bacon at the Calgary Stampede Parade. It was a great morning for some fat chewin...
Speaking of Party, The Community of Bowness has stepped up to the Party Plate big time. We knew when this adventure began that it would be a community event. All kinds of communities, Culinary, Arts, Local, Media, Volunteers, People all the things that make communities. The Bowness Community Association is bring the Beer and CJAY 92 and the Bowness Pub are hosting The Official After Party. Anyone thirsty for some Bacon?                               

It's been a radical ride bringing Bacon lovers together to celebrate the nonsense of Bacon.

Everyone needs a little nonsense in their lives.

Festival; code name for Parttty. Join us for Everything That Rocks! Bacon. See You at Baconfest!

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