Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Newcomer

I've been busy, like really busy.

If your a mother you know what it means to be busy, managing, maintaining, guiding, the dog, the cats, the kids, the man. You know, one day you wake up and your 40 something, and things look different.?

Glimmer of Hope
That Glimmer of Hope, for your turn, the one that's caught your eye so many times before only to be lost in all the moments, sees You! It takes your breathe away and suddenly you Feel Fifteen. Then it begins.

Like so many before you. Women have a herstory of blossoming well into their 40's, 50's and beyond.

Full Bloom
Well men have more opportunity to bloom at a much younger age, it would make some sense that career wise they are in a position of mentorship and building for the future in their 40's and beyond. It would also seem narrow minded logically that the next generation or benefactors of mentorship and or infrastructure would some how be younger than them.

Spreading My Wings
However, Statically speaking, 57% of Generation X women are in the position of, for the First time in their Adult lives, able to contribute the Time to their Talents to become Intellects and Masters of chosen Passions. Just like the 20 something standing beside her. Except that she has 20 years of wisdom, experience on them and a vivd conciseness of the opportunity for growth.

Young at Heart
Weather your a mentor or just starting to play, remember it not about age, it's about mental attitude. So the next time a 30 something CEO refers to age as being old or that all advancements and opportunities are for the younger generations. I may just have to use my words of wisdom to smack him up side the head, regardless of his title, his pay check, his opportunity for success, anytime is always a good time for learning something new. It's what keeps you Young.

Or maybe, if your one of the, already been there done that, and now get to make anew for you. I would appreciate it, if you could be inclusive of me and so many others and refer to us, as the Newcomers.

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