Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I live at the North Pole. Okay, not really, although those years in the Rocky Mountians were pretty close. I could hear the Raindeer flying over often. Or maybe it was the helicopters?

A Gerry Thomas Photograph Lake Moraine, Rocky Mountains 

What ever the case, I have been born and raised in a Winter Wonderland. I often look at the Hollywood Movies this time of year and think how odd all the effort to make everything look winter white. All I do is put on my massive floor length down jacket and I'm good to go. Good for the moment I walk out the door and the cold air takes my breath away, stands my hairs on end and whisks my feet from under me.

Such spirit we have this time of year. We go about our business, like no matter. So when you wonder about what makes us a little different, think about the character it takes to see everything as magical when your breath is taken away everyday.

This year I invite you to join myself, Carazcom and the Gerry Thomas Gallery as we celebrate the Holiday Season in Winter Wonderland.

There is this extraordinary space and place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One that has been created to capture the imaginations of those who walk through the doors.

Every time I pass through the doors I am transported in to the here and now of a Contemporary Gallery.

This month come and see our vision of a Winter Wonderland. Take a piece of Winter Wonderland to add to your place and space. Your vision of northern character is some thing to be celebrated.

Love that word Celebrate, we work hard. All of us, always on the run, place to be, peoples to see, business to be done, charity to be made.

So every so often a chance to let your hair down or maybe have an updo is a breath of fresh air. A breath that adds to the bounce in your step. For the Gentlemen, the timing is just right to rid your self of that movember that has been keeping the love at bay.

December 6th, 2012. We are having a Party. A Winter Wonderland Party . Bring your Brightest Holiday Bling. Come and Celebrate the Season with us. Connect with some wonderful characters. The kind that Create the Warm and Fuzzy feelings. Those same feelings that face the possibility of being Frozen this time of year. So excited to see and feel your Soul Shine as you pass through our Doors this Holiday Season. Welcome One and All.

Cara Azevedo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

BrandIT BuildIT BroadcastIT

The 3B's of Communications

In the Past it used to be enough to simply Brand your product. For years Corporations like McDonalds relied on the 'Golden Arches'. They would put up a sign and people would follow their way to a Big Mac. Interestingly, even the bright and shiny beacon in the sky started to fade. The great 'Golden Arches lost the luster and became 2 dimensional. All the while, new and developing Baby Brands started to enter the market place. They did things differently, had different products to offer. The new players were more 3 dimensional...

Nibble, nibble, nibble. It often goes unnoticed, that is until someone notices the change in the bottom line, then everyone is interested. Interested in the evolution of the Brand of the Product. Time to jump on the next big thing before the profit margin misses the boat. It is a sign of a great corporation, thrusting them selves ahead in the communications game, staying true to meeting the needs of a ever evolving community (consumer).

Currently the concept of Building a Brand is all the Buzz in the Industry. Communications and Marketing professionals in all streams of Media are on board with the fact that a Brand comes with a Story, It's time to tell your Story. Create an opportunity to go beyond connecting and offer context for building a relationship.

As the traditional industry of Marketing and Communications faces the addition of tools like Twitter and other Social Media. It finds the need to be adaptable. Some players are beginning to fade and other players are offering a more complete product to meet the current needs of a multi dimensional client and   community it services.

Broadcasting your Brand with the use of multiple platforms is how your Person, Place or Product meets it's next opportunity for community engagement. A Full service Branding, Communications and Media Agency in the hear and now will be able to offer it's community a world of endless opportunity. Endless opportunity to engage and connect with the community it provides for.

While some are still lost in the past, others are trying to get a handle on the present, a few are planning for the future. If you listen closely, you will start to hear the terms. Things like, SocialTV and Branded Entertainment. 

A Brand Communications & Media Agency of today will respect the past, understand the present and have vision for the future. Frankly humanity's rapid growth in the use of technology and it's tools demand it.

The 'Golden Arches' can still be spotted, you can still get a Big Mac and a Salad or perhaps even a Fruit Smoothie if you like. Change is a wonderful thing. It offers opportunity for enhancement and growth. Innovation is often a product of evolution. Something to be embraced.

Carazcom's 'Modern Communications Model' embraces the '3B's of Communications'.

Cara Azevedo

Canadiana, Charity and Celebration

There are many great things about being a Canadian.

Fundamentally Canadians have always been a melting pot of Nations. Creating a unique opportunity for all of us to learn with diversity. Enabling our ability to display empathy towards one another.
This wonderful life experience brings out the compassion in all of us. Out of compassion, is born Charity.

Charity, love; kindness of heart; willingness to help.

Celebration, to make famous; to hold ceremonies on honour of.

Often life gets so busy, sometimes it is forgotten that we need to take the time to share success, hard work, our humanitarian passions.

Excellence in Artistry is a wonderful way to Celebrate Charity. 

'Harmony for Hope' is Child Find Alberta's way of saying "Lets Celebrate". Bring together community. Together for some moments that will make up wonderful memories.

Here's some of what to expect from this years Celebration. Artistic Director Jean-Louis Bleau is creating a Choral Show with diversity and artistry. There will be a colourful Candy Bar,  yummy. A Silent Auction filled with wonderful donations from our industry partners and the awesome company's that exist in the Calgary Community. A full service Refreshment Bar with something for everyone.

The beautiful and talented Judy Gabriel is our wonderful host for the evening. Connect with Judy through . Shaw's 'City Vibes' will be popping by the Event to capture some of the Show, highlight Child Find Alberta, mix and mingle with some of Calgary's Finest.

Universal Children's Day is November 20th. Child Find Alberta has chosen this important day to bring attention to Canadians commitment in creating a community that keeps Every Child Safe from Harm.

It is of value to understand the importance of supporting Charity. When charity is there to support our nation, our children. 

Be a part of the Canadiana way, come and Celebrate with Child Find Alberta's 'Harmony of Hope'.

November 20th, 2012 at the Boyce Theater in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Fun with Friends, Family and Colleagues begins at 6:30pm.

For tickets to this wonderful event go to 

We look forward to connecting and celebrating. Join us, will you.

Cara Azevedo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Film Festivals with an Alberta Flavor

For Canadians, every September the rumblings start out east, Film this and Film that. TIFF usually sets the tone and the wave for the cross country journey that so many Indie Films take.

A Joe Novak Photo
This year though things were a little different. In Alberta both CIFF and EIFF decided to take pride in their own identity. There is a freedom that comes with confidence and experience. Creativity and innovation can lead the way, rather than mimic something that others are doing. It's not the point to compete on a world stage but rather to share what is special and unique about your festival. To bring your own spice to the dish.
This year it didn't matter if I was lost in the back row in the dark theater or up front in the speakers chair. This year was an excellent example of things to come. Both up North and down South the energy was infectious. You wanted to be a part of the scene, join in the conversation, share your thoughts. This year people are engaged and ready to be part of Alberta's ever evolving identity in the Arts.

I've often talked about why I love Film. The power that a well produced piece of Art has to influence is second to none. Heck, well produced, not even, it just needs to strike a cord. When the passion of a Film Maker connects with the audience it is a wonderful thing.

This years selections at both festivals struck me as interesting. Interesting, both at CIFF and at EIFF picked films that spoke to them. Ok there is always the flavor of the day. The thing about festivals though, is they bring us the unseen, the unpublished, the looking to get picked up...

Doug Wong Photo
Oh you know I saw a Film or two that struck my cord. It will be exciting to see the journey that these works of Art take. The Oscar talk is just getting underway. One of my favorite conversations.

A heart felt Congratulations to the CIFF Team and the EIFF Team. I am in awe of the hard work and passion it takes to bring a successful festival to light.

CIFF wrapped last weekend, EIFF is still going strong through till Sunday. Still a ton of entertainment to be had in Edmonton. Go and check it out!.

Cara Azevedo

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Modern Communications Model 2012

I like research. It's exciting learning new things, thinking about new things, wondering how new things relate to old things. That kind of thing... you know.

Seriously,  I have had some extraordinary opportunities to research, design and implement everything from new technologies to new business models over the last couple of decades. Each time I have engaged fully and enjoyed the privilege of watching my imagination, innovation and integration positively impact the environments surrounding me.

My latest venture stems from the changing landscape of Media. I have always been involved in Media at some level in someway. The addition of tools like Twitter, Facebook and other similar 'Social Media' has with out question permanently changed our world.

The concept of engagement is something that can no longer be ignored. The days of one way mentally manipulative marketing as an effective sales tool are over. No one will accept being sold to. Adaptability is key to remain viable in the Modern Millennial Market place.

2012 is all about the Brand

Carazcom's Modern Communications Model

1. Brand Identification & Integration

2. Social Curation & Syndication

3. Journalism & Blogging

4. Media Management & Public Relations

5. Brand Matching & Content Detection

This Modern Communications Model is easily adaptable and can positively affect any environment. From scratch or applied to current situations, the impact of a complete strategy will benefit the Brand. It also is able to provide a path way to a completely engaged community that serves all the people involved.

Ultimately we all understand that, the Brands that survive the test of time are the ones that adapt and thrive in a ever changing environment. Move from a place of surviving to thriving.

Carazcom will be speaking to, sharing with and engaging various communities, corporations and events through out the fall. It will be a honour to be a part of your energy.

Feel free to engage Carazcom and myself, It is always a pleasure to share my Intellectual Properties. Like the water and sunshine, to the seed that blows in the wind, find your ground to grow in.

Person, Place or Product, Be the Star that You Are!

Budding to Blooming

Cara Azevedo

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#Stampede2012 That's a Wrap

That's a Bull
Happy Birthday to the Calgary Stampede. 100 years of bring together community and putting Calgary, Calgarians on the map.

Every year, not just year 100 is a remarkable year for the Calgary Stampede. I am a Native Calgarian, I have seen it all, I have complete respect for the hundreds of thousands of Calgarians, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Ranchers and Farmers that lay their Hearts on the Line for 10 days in July.

Dairy Farmers
Cowboy Culture, Western Pride, Energy, what ever you want to call it. When you've felt it you know it's real.

I spent most of this years Celebration talking to regular/extraordinary Calgarians. The ones that make Calgary a world class city. The ones that do what they do as a labor of love. With hopes that the love will somehow pay the mortgage.

Shinning Spirt
It was fabulous as always to see the lengths that folks in these parts are willing to go to, in the name of sharing with folks they don't know. I'm talking about Spirit. Such a small word with so much impact. Spirit in fact has changed the world and will continue to guide it. What a privileged to live in a part of the world where Spirit is a part of the Culture, where Spirit guides the soul, where Spirit out ways the riches.

From the free breakfasts for your few thousand closest friends/complete strangers, to the back yard BBQ, the community block party, the corporate whatever. The mini festivals, the music, yes even the Patios. All with one thing in mind, share the Spirit.

Horse Shoes are Good Luck
Congratulations are in order. Sure, I could like so many others, be a come from away with opinions and place judgements and then get financially compensated for them. Then act like as a result of the monetary attachment to my opinions that they are some how more valid than others. That's not my style, I think what I think. It has nothing to do with being validated by financial remuneration or being put up on a pedestal by other financially compensated colleagues.

Award Winning Cattle
The fact is that the Calgary Stampede has ultimately represented the City of Calgary on the World Map for a Century now. They deserve a pat on the back. For a Brand to remain strong, valid and current it needs to be adaptable, it needs vision for the future, it needs to meet the needs of the current audience. For the hundreds of thousands of Calgarians that have contributed to the Calgary Stampede over the last 100 years innovation is key for success.
18 year old Miniature Horse

Ultimately, I am in awe of all the folks that made this years festival one for the history books. Weather your job was to carry beer from one spot to the other, ask if we wanted to go faster, or you bedded the horses for the night in the Barns. Thank You.

Thank you, for your sleepless nights, your love, your losses and for sharing your Spirit. The world has yet again been able to feel what makes Calgary one of the Best places in the world to live. Grace and Gratitude for another Heartfelt year. Well done Calgary, Well done.
Calgarian Sun Set

Peace, Love and Light,


Cara Azevedo

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Real Cowboys #Stampede2012 Vol 6

Real clothes for real Cowboys, Calgarians and all their friends.

Riley & McCormick since 1901.

Cowboy Culture, I hear the term often these days as our City moves towards Branding for the future, it is very concerned about respecting the past.

When you meet folks like Brian Guichon, Carolynn Guichon and the Team down at the flagship store in the heart of the City.
Well you know why there is value in preserving our special culture, the pioneer spirt. The one that has transformed a CP Rail stop into a world class community. Family's and Folks just like the Riley & McCormick clans understood the value of celebrating character, engaging friends and family, the power behind showcasing spirt. For over a hundred years they have been supporting the vision that has built the City of Calgary.

Along the way they have picked up some valuable knowledge and insights. So awesome to share some of the secrets and science behind Riley & McCormick's specialty, Western Wear.

The Hat, don't have one? weird... just sayin...

Put, Your Head in a Hat
Whether you are working, playing or hanging in the outdoors. A hat is a must. The western hat doesn't get it's unique look from just any where. Like most things around here it comes from innovation, yep 'cowboy' innovation. You see between the thunder storms and the sun, the cowboy hat keeps you both dry and cool. In rain, the water rolls of the front and back keeping you dry. In the heat the brim covers your face, neck and shoulders. (Those rednecks should stop wear ball caps.) The straw ones are for working and the felt ones are considered high fashion...

Oh them Boots, each pair has it's own personality just waiting for it's soul mate to come along.

The Perfect Fit
Beyond the fancy looks, the boots to are all about function, brought to you by 'cowboy innovation'. Nothing beats the traditional look if a riding boot. It's specialty, arch support. Pushing down on stir ups all day the boot comes with a steel shaft and a rounded last, to support and roll with the ride. The other option is the Roper. More a work boot, offers better stability for jumping, landing and running. I'd get into the history, but, well, frankly it's a little embarrassing... Kidding. Ask the Boss, Brian, he will share the 'story' with you.  

It's all in the Jeans, Wrangler lives it.
Wrangler is western wear. They make the perfect riding jean. The traditional, comes with the smooth inseam, so not wear through your inseam, (wink) when your riding. Of course they have your fancy & funky versions. Inside secret, western jeans are always just a wee bit longer, they get the whole 'ride up' when sitting and want to protect them ,'beauty boots'. More cowboy innovation.

The Shirt Co That Started it All
Innovation, fancy & funky. That's what happened when the film industry got involved.

The Rockmount Ranch Wear Denver Colo created a shirt for the Stars that would make them stand out among the crowd. Until then it was either work clothes or Sunday best. Today it is a must to have some funky and fancy, the material and artistic designs offer protection from water, sun, spillage... The Snaps, well they deserve a special 'shout out;)'.

So much more to learn and know, stop by the shop and take some time to talk. A wonderful wealth of knowledge, a little piece of history. A true gem on Calgary's Stephen Ave Mall.
Riley the Horse

It was a real pleasure to cover this story. Congratulations to Riley & McCormick for all your generous contributions to the culture and community. This Cowtown that sits between the Rolling Prairies and the Rocky Mountains appreciates all that you do.

Cara Azevedo

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuff People Say at the #Stampede2012 Vol 5

There is this awesome little fashion shop down in Inglewood.
. One of Calgary's best kept secrets.

Not for Long...

The clothes are fun, they fit and they are affordable.

The best part though is the people.

They like to play.

Just like me...

This video is a result of a dose of reality and humour. Enjoy!

For those of you wondering, those of you that may not be from around these parts.

This is NOT a dramatization, well it might be...

 Still, this is what those in the know call, Stamped'in. Classic...

Cara Azevedo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Converge Calgary #Stampede2012 Vol 4
It's a Party x 4!

For Converge Calgary it's at least 4. This is the year, 100 years of good times. Celebration, all in the name of the Community. Calgary, we are all about being connected.
It's kind of like in high school when there is a big party, it doesn't matter what group your 'in', your going. Going to meet up, hook up, see and be seen, feel the fun.

When you get to be a grown up, these kind of events become a very real part of life. Personal life, Professional life. Most of us by now realize that the group we work for, the people we support, report to. All make up our Social Ecosystem.
Networking is no longer, just some breakfast group catch phrase.

Networking is how connections are made, relationships are formed, ideas are shared, dreams are realized.

Converge Calgary is continuing the innovation in celebration of community by creating a Series of diverse and energetic Events during this years Calgary Stampede.
Converge Calgary is proud to bring together Cowboy Culture with the Arts, Fashion, Music, Philanthropy, Sustainability and Technology.

Each Event has it's own character and identity. Displayed with a different Artistic awareness and highlight of a diverse group of Extraordinary Individuals.
All Events are in support of 'I am Genie Foundation', 'I've been Bullied' and 'Converge Calgary Rainforest Reserve' social awareness initiatives. Check them Out.

Each Event is a must attend. Every Celebration, with it's own focus will bring a Energetic and Exhilarating experience. Come and Celebrate the Calgary Stampede in Style with Converge Calgary.

Proud to support hardwork, innovation and artistic celebration.
Helping to make the world a little more mindful.
One good moment at a time.

Cara Azevedo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

MakeOver #Stampede2012 Vol 3

It's all about the Fashion! First the Fundamentals.

The First Impression. There will be millions of first impressions over the next couple weeks. In case you haven't heard Calgary, Alberta, Canada is set to host the  Officially kicks off on Friday, July, 6th, 2012. With the Parade.

  Nothing says Yahoo, like a well Groomed Cowboy or Cowgirl.

Man Tracker, Trakin' Me
  1. Get a haircut!

  2. Hands and Feet, I know even just the mention of Feet. ahahahahahhhhh. Manicure and Pedicure is a standard. Yes!  Especially the Cowboys.

  3. Skin is your most important fashion accessory period. Not saying I fully support the amount of skin that I will be seeing over the next couple of weeks, however it is summer and those short, shorts are short... Be good to your audience, If you have skin, please, tighten, tone, tan and tint it. Shave, scrub and scent it...

Thoughts of my Camera Shuttering at the Sights... Ah Love the Feeling of Anticipation...

Cara Azevedo

The Low Down #Stampede2012 Vol 2

The Grandstands for the Rodeo
Howdy Folks!

Yep, around these parts people really do talk like that. Not just at Stampede time but most of the time. So if your new, passing through or, checking out the looking glass. It's all real. Not like when you go to, say Vegas and people are wearing costumes and speaking from a script. These parts you just pick up on it.

Calgary is a wonderfully diverse multicultural modern city. We are hosting to the world and there is something for everyone.

Parade 2011
A quick insider lesson.

Stampede; Large 10 day Party for Everyone. 24/7...

Things get Messy from time to time durning the

I have an online ratings system. Mostly so viewers understand, that I understand, what I'm sharing may not be appropriate content.

The Wild West is set for a Stampede.

My Hashtag Guide

#Stampede2012 = Everyone = Public Party
#WildWest = Risky = Emotional Response
#WW = Not Appropriate = Likely Alcohol Related

If you find yourself talking funny, acting, feeling a little western over these next couple of weeks, be Part of the Energy and just go with it. We welcome you to experience a piece of Cowboy Culture and share it with those around you.

I am many things. This next couple of weeks, born and breed a Calgarian from Cowtown... That makes me a Cowgirl at Heart, Hello.

Cara Azevedo

Saturday, June 23, 2012

BINGO! #Stampede2012 Vol 1

Hat at the Foot of the Bed
There is all this talk around me these days. What does Cowboy Culture mean to you.? What impact has growing up in a culture where a man can be taken at his word, because you can trust that he is true to his word. Old fashioned? Yep. I like old fashioned.

For some it's easy to be old fashioned. They grew up where old fashioned meant a good life. The Grandma's and Grandpa's showed the little ones the way. Pioneers true.

What's your story? It's the 100 Year Celebration of the Calgary Stampede. I'm born and raised Calgarian, At times Cowgirl, worn boots, hats, and two stepped with the best. All those memory's absolutely have a story to tell, a history to be shared...

The thoughts that I keep coming back to though aren't really even my memory's but the memory's of my friends and family. That 's what makes them Priceless.

The thing I always remember about the 70's was BINGO. It was every where, in the community halls, on the TV and at the fairs. Including the Calgary Stampede. Grandma would find a nice spot and settle in for the day. She would give us 5 bucks at a time and she knew she'd see our faces every couple hours for 5 bucks more, that or shelter from the thunderstorm. We owned those grounds. Just like everyone else.

Cowboy Boots Optional when Horizontal
Chinook Centre Pancake Breakfast, the smell fills the air. Yummy! Grandma and Gramdpa lived across the road from Chinook. Now the Glenmore underpass runs through the land. Every year we would go, a real highlight for us and the rest of the city. We used to see how many times we would get thorough the line. We could eat a lot in those days. Grandpa would always ditch us, to be first in line. We took to long getting all our western gear on. Funny, fondest memory being ditched. We did take to long...

The horses, I always loved how majestic horses are. The ones in the parade, at the Rodeo, the RCMP horses, the horses around town. The horses in your neighbors back yard because someone to drunk to ride home. Yep the horses. George Jackson's horses were always a highlight for me. His horses came all the way from BC back in the day, it was then just like now, a big deal to be part of the show...

Be the Star that You Are!
Now, all the Baby Boomers are walking around preaching the past. The thing is not to live there in the past, but have a piece of it's history in your mind, so when living 'in the moment' is happening, it will be something to celebrate in the future...

If your planning on passing through these parts, anytime soon, some advice for you. Leave your high horse at home. Put a hat on and be Part of the Energy. Giddy Up, Partner, Come and see for your self how the Good Folks of Calgary put on the The Greatest Show on Earth. Yahoo!

Cara Azevedo

Follow for real time tweets and photo's of the Calgary Stampede. I'm already posting Signs of #Stampede2012, pre Stampede coverage. The excitement is starting...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Banff Media 2012 Thats a Wrap

Here are some hard numbers to give you a sense of the kind of business that takes place at the Banff World Media Festival:
  • 2000 executives from television, digital, advertising, media and technologies attend each year.
  • $500M in new deals are started or confirmed each year at BANFF. Types of deals include TV development, online development, co-production/co-venture, brand sponsorships, funding, technology sales, production services and more.
  • More than 150 TV and digital media executives participate in our exclusive face-to-face meetings to take pitches, build partnerships and put projects into development.
  • More than 30 advertising agencies come to BANFF looking for opportunities for brand sponsorship and brand integration ideas. 
  • Digital publishers such as YouTube, MSN, Yahoo & AOL come to BANFF to explore web properties, technologies, content and brand integrations.
The above is directly copy and pasted from 

The Banff Springs Hotel
What I and many others questioned was where were the Women? Truth is Women were everywhere. Women are leaders in the Entertainment Industry. Sure for some odd reason there weren't many women on certain panels, making it seem as though there was a lacking in representation. The Reality, by the time it was said and done, all the Stars had a chance to Shine.

Patricia Burns is one of those Stars. Animation and shorts are two of my favorites when it comes to viewing. Ms. Burns is an award winning producer. Over the span of 30 years she has brought viewers thoughtful educational quality children's programing. Her work has created a new standard children's programing. Ever watched Treehouse? Banff Media in partnership with DHX Media had the privilege of honouring, Patricia Burns with the Award of Excellence in Kids and Animation. Well deserved and earned.

Jeanne Beker's brilliance in Fashion Television, has made her a Canadian Class Act. Ms. Beker for 27 years has been sharing with audiences what we all want to see, cutting edge fashion with a flare. Her contribution to Canadian Media is undeniable. Jeanne continues to do it like no other, with Bell's Fashion Television Channel. The Canadian Award of Distinction goes to Jeanne Beker. 

It wasn't all about the Awards, I also had the chance for some face to face with women in the Entertainment Industry that offer great insight into how things really work. 

WIFTA is 1 of more than 40 chapters world wide that supports, collaborates with Women on their professional development in film, television and media industries. I had the pleasure of talking with Kathy Fedori, President of WIFTAlberta. I wanted to know what's new. Ideas are every thing. The conversation has moved far beyond how can I help you. With the excellence and extraordinary efforts that are part of daily practice from Women in Film and TV. It would seem logical that all parties sitting to the table contribute equally in the production of projects and the celebration of the success. Kathy and her Team play a vital part in support of many valuable productions.

Tessa Sproule is a shinning example of why Canadians are leaders in Media and Technology. Working in the 'New, Digital and Media'  divisions  of Television. Currently, Director, Interactive Content for the CBC, offers Tessa an extraordinary opportunity to take her ideas to reality. The future is an exciting time for Ms. Sproule and her team, collaboration and integration will continue to be key points when producing interactive content for film, television and mobile media.

Complexities of Creativity
The conversation regarding women in Media has long moved beyond our presence. Women like Valerie Creighton, President and CEO of the Canadian Media Fund have proven the empowerment of women in the Entertainment Industry ensures continued contribution, to the quality, of the product it produces. 

The rapidly changing face of the Entertainment Industry and the integration of our  world of opportunity is something that produces exciting conversation, all based on grass roots ideas. The irony of humanity and technology. It all starts with an idea and ends in a story. Love it. It was my privilege to be a part of Banff World Media Festival. To share in conversation with all the attendees. Congratulations to the Banff World Media Festival. Well done.

Cara Azevedo

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Banff Media 2012 & The Brand Game

It's been going strong at least since the 80's. The Entertainment and the Advertising Corporations. Tons of creative and billions in cash. I call it one of those stupid money industries. I have been playing in it for a couple of decades myself now. At various times, with different aspects, from a variety of vantage points, for a multitude of motivations...

So I get why the conversation is just beginning. Well, publicly at least.

The Advertising Industry in it's current format will be extinct. The next 2 to 5 years will be a game changer. It's time to adapt or die.

Time Inc. has just today announced recent results from a recent review that encourages Time Inc to include new spending on video production, designing ad campaigns that incorporate digital media. Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang is ready to start making her moves towards what will be the new, ever evolving standard in Communications of the future.

Carazcom has been researching, developing and producing a business model that meets the needs of the rapidly evolving Social Ecosystem that we are all becoming a part of. Highly motivating talks with partners, colleagues has led from asking questions to the formulation of conclusions.

This past few days I have had to privilege of attending the #Banff2012. I love conferences, to me it's like play time for the mind. I love learning where Industry is at, as compared to where my thoughts are. Compare feelings of the 'experts' to my instinct. What a wonderful experience it has been to confirm that my conclusions are very much similar to those that are at the grass roots of the evolving face of the Entertainment and Advertising Industries.

It will be entertaining to see how the 'dinosaur' in the Ad Game, is willing to adapt to the 'hatchling' in the Brand Game?

Given the fact that there are billions of dollars already attached to most corporate budgets. The good Advertising Agencies will adapt. Communication Companies however have a extraordinary opportunity to model what will become the standard in the Social Ecosystem. To go beyond the 'creative' and cost of traditional of Advertising.

Wether you are a Person Place or Thing, think globally, think Big Picture and BrandIT.

Be the Star that You Are...

Cara Azevedo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I was just saying the other day how the US 2012 Election was awkwardly including Women in it's platform. See Caraz Comment "Breast Feeding Frenzy" post. I even mentioned about the first Lady was being dragged into the whole mess.

Today, Boom just like that you to can Back, Barack Obama with a free bumper sticker.

Seems, Women are officially an issue now...

Cara Azevedo

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breast Feeding Frenzy

The past few weeks Boobs are making headlines. Not for the usual reasons like, size, structure, likability and the occasional wardrobe malfunction or an actual valid story about breast health.

There seems to be a focus on creating controversy behind the very essence of what makes us Women.

The Republican Americans are making Women a Political Issue. In case you haven't heard, it's election 2012 USA. Everything about what makes Women different from Men has been brought back to the table for debate. A while back they even dragged the First Lady into it. It as a sad tactical marketing strategy from the far right wing that is willing to do anything to regain power in the US political system. Conversations are being created that serve to divide support amongst Women. Men are questioning the impact of Women's Rights, being shown images that are not supportive of their efforts for Humanity.

This past week there was a photo taken showing two Women breast feeding in Uniform. Military Women are trying to raise awareness and support of breast feeding in the military. This is a fair and valiant cause. With a healthy outcome for Mothers and Baby, ultimately supporting a positive family bond.

The question is, why breast feed in Uniform? Seems to me that when in uniform, there should be first and foremost, respect for the position one is representing. When did the Military add breast feeding to the official list of duties?

Parenting, healthy family relationships are not something that dominate while working at any post. Not in the office, the retail shop, the wear house, the service industry. None of these places or spaces in time are when a workers parenting takes precedence. Is breast feeding an emergency? When representing in any industry, it is the business at hand that takes precedent, from the board room to the uniform. Thats what you get paid for.

When advocating for Women's Rights one should be aware of the responsibility that respects the Rights of all Humanity. Have the fore thought not to feed content, that will create a negative response. When your valiant cause is credible, the better the response from all sides to your campaign the more successful it will be.

Cara Azevedo

Monday, May 28, 2012

Suck it Up, Sister.

It really has been the year of the Woman. Women are making head lines around the world.

Hilary Clinton continues her stance on Human Rights and is going to the far corners of the earth to make it known that her government will negotiate for and defend those in need. The Women of the Arab Spring are now voting in new governments in Egypt as I type. Alberta, Canada has a female Premier and the official opposition is yet another female with very different views. We come just like men in all shapes and sizes, we come with different views on news. The thing that runs through us all, is clearly we are no longer 'Sucking it Up'.

Not sure how it happened, the women of the world have collectively begun to stand apart, to stand to together, to just plain take a stand. In the past we have seen different movements, make advances in different areas, at different times. It seems though this time, it's a world collective.

So when I hear news of the women in Australia being told to "never mind" the 'sexist pig', well, I'm glad it's making news. Long gone are the days of playing the enabler, sitting quietly silent. When it comes to things being fair, it's not just mediated or dictated as acceptable. Rather some thing that is Right.

What a difference a week makes. Australia took a stance this last week and implemented new Domestic Violence Laws. They have been in the works since late last year. What so interesting is the scope and detail of the new laws. It's includes protection against the silent abuse, the ones no body ever talks about. It includes the financials, harm to pets and even goes so far as to recognize mental manipulation that results in women being 'cut off' from their community, culture, friends and family. The recognition of these types of abuse will enable women to better protect and advocate for themselves in the courts. In hopes that these laws ultimately leads to a healthy, safe way of life for women and her dependents. 

This story is another interesting example of how women's issues are very much on the 'table' right now. World wide, even in North America, where we are so 'forward thinking', there is a resurgence of  questioning basic rights. Women are currently leading the way to, revolution in democracy, personal freedom, world peace and all the while planning for sustainability. Clearly it seems logical that this hard work would be recognized and supported. The continuation of the empowerment of Women is vital to the world finding balance.

It makes me think, the natural evolution, it's time that the 'brothers' 'Man up' and back the fact that 'sisters' aren't 'Sucking it up' anymore. Close the door on crazy, make way, for life to be lived with compassion and joy. The way it was meant to be...

Cara Azevedo

Monday, April 16, 2012

Closet Calling, Politically Speaking

Closets got a bad name years ago when people and basic Human Rights were under constant scrutiny. When extremists believed that they had the right to be police, prosecutor, jury and judge. Thankfully our great country has moved passed this dictator style of thinking and spent the last 20 or so years putting the Rights of All citizens first. Even as recently as December our Canadian Government made bold changes to Immigration Laws that ensure that our message is clear.

Canadians are leaders in Human Rights. The world looks to our melting pot of people and models themselves after us. Truly a part of what makes Canadians so extraordinary. Our passion to value All citizens. Uphold the rights of everyone, especially minorities. The Minorities are the ones that need strong voices in times of control, conflict and dictatorship.

The role of government in Canada is to manage the affairs of it's people. Manage affairs of People, All people not just the white, well to do, already powerful enough.

To be entrusted with the Leadership of Our great Province, requires Intellect, diversification of Knowledge, it requires Experience, the ability to be Empathic and Compassionate. The keen personal understanding that the People are first and the foremost the entire reason seeking election.

Both Leaders of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Alberta Liberals have these essential quality's. Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose Party currently lack these essential quality's.

Allison Redford and the Progressive Conservatives have been under constant scrutiny this past month. The reality is people make mistakes. Leaders are learners and are willing to fix them. Allison Redford's history in upholding Human Rights is undeniable. Her passion to lead people with fairness is commendable. She has a team of people that will make positive impact for all Albertans.

Raj Sherman and the Alberta Liberals have consistently with grace and success held the valuable position of Critic in the Legislature. They have a keen understanding and the experience to back the parties platform that is fair and serves the needs of all Albertans. They understand the value of the Arts and the contribution Culture makes to a heathy community.

An open door policy is something that both the Progressive Conservative and the Alberta Liberals believe strongly in. The PC's and the Liberal's are both adaptable and have proven to be capable of managing Alberta's affiars to the best of their ability. The last thing Alberta needs is a new player with questionable motives making decisions for our diverse culture.

April 23, 2012 be part of history. Send a message that Albertans put people first. Vote for the party that best represents you. Do your home work. Think about it. This is not the Oscars. This is very real, our quality of life is at stake. It is our very basic Human Right to Vote and be a part of a Democratic Society. This is the year you can not take it for granted. Stand up for who you believe in. Please Vote.