Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Toot Toot.

I want a Trophy. I decided last week it's time I received an Award. A metal? A Position. An Appointment...

Most of us deserve recognition of the decent things we do in life. The everyday and the extraordinary!

Most of us never receive it. I wondered why? When I wonder I read. Here's what I learned.

Often those who are rewarded Toot their own horn. They do it often. They do it boldly. They do it with aggression. They use their community to support them.

None of that was surprising to me. I'm a communicator. I do that everyday. Everyday for the Product, the Production or Event I'm working on...

It always feels odd for me to walk around taking credit for all the success that surrounds me. Personally and Professionally. Girl Thing? Seemly so.

However that's the game and if I'm playing, then I need to learn to do the same. The Boys don't think it's brave to be bold. Women shouldn't wonder why they aren't the bosses or in the boardroom. 2012 has a wonderful opportunity for women world wide to positively affect change.

In order for this to have permeant impact the Women need to Toot their own horn. Let the world know all  the extraordinary things you are doing. Share your positive impact often. Show how your community is benefitting from your thoughts and actions. Submit media/material often to groups that recognize achievements. Use I, me words. The work you do is valuable, create community support for yourself.

I'd talk about working hard, commitment, positive energy. All the things that already are. This is about the next level.

Be courageous enough to run a personal Starlet Champaign. You and the World will be a better place for it.

I am a gifted thinker. I am a stimulator. I bring starlight to all my opportunities.

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