Thursday, February 23, 2012

Film Lover...

The Academy Awards are only a few days away. I'm excited. I love all the fan fair, the beauty, the romance of it. So important to have celebration that confirms hard work and commitment to Artistic collaboration.

The Oscars has always represented the Best of the Best. I'm not just talking the Films. I'm talking the quality of people that collaborate with Artistic freedom.

Oh sure there is competition, alliances, teams, all the things that make us human. Beyond that though is the underlying passion to create, share, story tell in a way that has the power to change the world.

I always marvel at the humbleness of the pure genius that graces the stage on Oscars night. Very few industries where the ego is satisfied and extraordinary is everyday.  I have gratitude for all the efforts of Film Makers. Although at times, the most glamorous. The industry of Film Making is a life long passion that if your lucky pays your mortgage, but it will never be just a 'job'.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet some of the worlds most precious people. Every single one of them, even in their most guarded moments are givers. It is their Nature. There is a reason they are called Stars. Let the light of those who touch you, shine brightly on your good thoughts and your good deeds.

Congratulations to all Film Makers for following your passions. Seriously, if you take a project from concept to completion. You are a Winner!

Film Makers; Changing the World one Frame at a Time.

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