Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Power Play

One week until Prime Minister Harper departs for China.

Yahoo China's changing. This past year China has made more efforts then ever before to 'play' with the rest of the world. Currently in negotiations with Yahoo, guessing by the recent step down of the CEO things are moving along. China National Television has started broadcasting in foreign countries, including the United States. They are revaluing monetary funds as to enable ease of financial transactions. Opening London Offices to support western diversification. Then of course there is the Energy, the Oil. With recent appointment to OPEC and the quick purchase of Oil Sands Project and Other Oil Corporations it's clear they are very serious about playing. From Communications to Energy and everything in between.

Really it all boils down to the economics of it all. China needs Energy to continue to produce at the current and growing rate. Essential for the continued domination of product production industries.

Here's were the power comes into play.

Canada has Oil and we would like to sell it.

It's no secret that China has some serious human rights issues. Not looking to change a entire Communist Regime thought process, however sharing of thoughts and ideas, maybe even making some demands might not be that far out of line for the Prime Minister of Canada, The Honourable Mr. Harper. After all people are his business, not 'big business'...

It might be considered a welcome jester of willingness, to belong to the world community, if China began making moves to give, Tibet back to the Tibetans. What an awesome display and game changing moment for China to set things right with the Dali Lama and his people. This is the year that could move China from internal conflict to cultural celebration.

It's the Year of the Dragon, all it stands for, this is indeed the time for these cards to be played and moves to be made.

PS, PM please do us proud:)

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