Friday, March 16, 2012

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge Calgary, Artist Rendition
Really, I do try to be supportive. This I have to weigh in on. The City of Calgary has proudly announced that the first people to walk the Peace Bridge are going to be stilt walkers.

Bronco was the only one that thought there was value in this project. He and then council pushed it through even though it didn't have the support of Calgarians. 

After massive negative feed back. The City came up with the brilliant idea to Name it the Peace Bridge. At the time I thought it was just a Mentally Manipulative Marketing Scam.

Despite my feelings, I still had hope for the Bridge and the City to live up to all the jargon they were forcing us to swallow.

However bad Karma has surrounded the project. We all know the well documented history.

Now the City of Calgary is going to Christian the Bridge with people whos feet are not even going to touch the ground. Bizarre. I can't be the only one that thinks there is something fundamentally wrong with this. I don't like to use the word but seems to me like bad karma is being transformed into permanently cursed.

Seriously hope for the City of Calgary to rethink the opening celebration and have the first people to cross the bridge to be The Veterans and Heroes that make Canada the best country in the World.

If it really is a Peace Bridge, then don't you think it should be used to promote and celebrate Peace?

If it's a 25 million dollar piece of Functional Art, have the stomach to stand up for what you believe in!

The back and forth on the messaging is ruining any opportunity for public support! At some point, someone, somewhere, is going to have to do right by Calgarians and the Karma gods... At least I still  hope so.

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