Thursday, March 1, 2012


I Love Images!

Mama Snooki
I could show you a ton of them. No need. Just one. In this case the instant you hear the name, you know what your dealing with. Everything about her that makes up her current Self and Public image, Her Brand, is no longer. That means her self esteem and everything that goes with it, gone.

Gone the instant you know your pregnant. For Snooki, no more fun & games, no more funky photo's, no more drinking, no smoking, no foods with issues, no heels, no this, no that, no the other things.

The thing about unplanned motherhood, it's a gift, a new beginning, a surprise. Hormonally speaking you can find your self so captivated about all the new that faces you, you forget to say good bye to the past. Thinking it will one day return.

I often think if it wasn't for unplanned motherhood that the birthrates would be considerably different.

A planned pregnancy, is something essential for women planning on motherhood. We always talk about avoiding pregnancy, all the ways and means of avoiding it. The point being not so much as to how to avoid being pregnant but WHY to avoid motherhood if you have other hopes and dreams. We forget to educate the reality of giving birth what that means for a woman.

I wonder if Snooki was prepared to give everything up? Her past? Her present? Her future. I wonder can she still make $20,000 for a bar appearance? What happened to her spin off? Is there a producer/ broadcaster thats going to take a chance and show us the real reality of her journey? Where's the guy that's supposedly pregnant too? How has his life style and self image being impacted?

For Snooki the whole Goodbye and Hello life journey is upon her. I guess we will have to wait and see. I'm wishing for her to find peace and balance. Looking forward to seeing how she handles the transformation on such short notice. To be a woman, is to be adaptable. Up next for Snooki? Re Branding with Baby in mind.

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