Monday, April 16, 2012

Closet Calling, Politically Speaking

Closets got a bad name years ago when people and basic Human Rights were under constant scrutiny. When extremists believed that they had the right to be police, prosecutor, jury and judge. Thankfully our great country has moved passed this dictator style of thinking and spent the last 20 or so years putting the Rights of All citizens first. Even as recently as December our Canadian Government made bold changes to Immigration Laws that ensure that our message is clear.

Canadians are leaders in Human Rights. The world looks to our melting pot of people and models themselves after us. Truly a part of what makes Canadians so extraordinary. Our passion to value All citizens. Uphold the rights of everyone, especially minorities. The Minorities are the ones that need strong voices in times of control, conflict and dictatorship.

The role of government in Canada is to manage the affairs of it's people. Manage affairs of People, All people not just the white, well to do, already powerful enough.

To be entrusted with the Leadership of Our great Province, requires Intellect, diversification of Knowledge, it requires Experience, the ability to be Empathic and Compassionate. The keen personal understanding that the People are first and the foremost the entire reason seeking election.

Both Leaders of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Alberta Liberals have these essential quality's. Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose Party currently lack these essential quality's.

Allison Redford and the Progressive Conservatives have been under constant scrutiny this past month. The reality is people make mistakes. Leaders are learners and are willing to fix them. Allison Redford's history in upholding Human Rights is undeniable. Her passion to lead people with fairness is commendable. She has a team of people that will make positive impact for all Albertans.

Raj Sherman and the Alberta Liberals have consistently with grace and success held the valuable position of Critic in the Legislature. They have a keen understanding and the experience to back the parties platform that is fair and serves the needs of all Albertans. They understand the value of the Arts and the contribution Culture makes to a heathy community.

An open door policy is something that both the Progressive Conservative and the Alberta Liberals believe strongly in. The PC's and the Liberal's are both adaptable and have proven to be capable of managing Alberta's affiars to the best of their ability. The last thing Alberta needs is a new player with questionable motives making decisions for our diverse culture.

April 23, 2012 be part of history. Send a message that Albertans put people first. Vote for the party that best represents you. Do your home work. Think about it. This is not the Oscars. This is very real, our quality of life is at stake. It is our very basic Human Right to Vote and be a part of a Democratic Society. This is the year you can not take it for granted. Stand up for who you believe in. Please Vote.

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