Monday, May 28, 2012

Suck it Up, Sister.

It really has been the year of the Woman. Women are making head lines around the world.

Hilary Clinton continues her stance on Human Rights and is going to the far corners of the earth to make it known that her government will negotiate for and defend those in need. The Women of the Arab Spring are now voting in new governments in Egypt as I type. Alberta, Canada has a female Premier and the official opposition is yet another female with very different views. We come just like men in all shapes and sizes, we come with different views on news. The thing that runs through us all, is clearly we are no longer 'Sucking it Up'.

Not sure how it happened, the women of the world have collectively begun to stand apart, to stand to together, to just plain take a stand. In the past we have seen different movements, make advances in different areas, at different times. It seems though this time, it's a world collective.

So when I hear news of the women in Australia being told to "never mind" the 'sexist pig', well, I'm glad it's making news. Long gone are the days of playing the enabler, sitting quietly silent. When it comes to things being fair, it's not just mediated or dictated as acceptable. Rather some thing that is Right.

What a difference a week makes. Australia took a stance this last week and implemented new Domestic Violence Laws. They have been in the works since late last year. What so interesting is the scope and detail of the new laws. It's includes protection against the silent abuse, the ones no body ever talks about. It includes the financials, harm to pets and even goes so far as to recognize mental manipulation that results in women being 'cut off' from their community, culture, friends and family. The recognition of these types of abuse will enable women to better protect and advocate for themselves in the courts. In hopes that these laws ultimately leads to a healthy, safe way of life for women and her dependents. 

This story is another interesting example of how women's issues are very much on the 'table' right now. World wide, even in North America, where we are so 'forward thinking', there is a resurgence of  questioning basic rights. Women are currently leading the way to, revolution in democracy, personal freedom, world peace and all the while planning for sustainability. Clearly it seems logical that this hard work would be recognized and supported. The continuation of the empowerment of Women is vital to the world finding balance.

It makes me think, the natural evolution, it's time that the 'brothers' 'Man up' and back the fact that 'sisters' aren't 'Sucking it up' anymore. Close the door on crazy, make way, for life to be lived with compassion and joy. The way it was meant to be...

Cara Azevedo

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