Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Banff Media 2012 & The Brand Game

It's been going strong at least since the 80's. The Entertainment and the Advertising Corporations. Tons of creative and billions in cash. I call it one of those stupid money industries. I have been playing in it for a couple of decades myself now. At various times, with different aspects, from a variety of vantage points, for a multitude of motivations...

So I get why the conversation is just beginning. Well, publicly at least.

The Advertising Industry in it's current format will be extinct. The next 2 to 5 years will be a game changer. It's time to adapt or die.

Time Inc. has just today announced recent results from a recent review that encourages Time Inc to include new spending on video production, designing ad campaigns that incorporate digital media. Time Inc. CEO Laura Lang is ready to start making her moves towards what will be the new, ever evolving standard in Communications of the future.

Carazcom has been researching, developing and producing a business model that meets the needs of the rapidly evolving Social Ecosystem that we are all becoming a part of. Highly motivating talks with partners, colleagues has led from asking questions to the formulation of conclusions.

This past few days I have had to privilege of attending the #Banff2012. I love conferences, to me it's like play time for the mind. I love learning where Industry is at, as compared to where my thoughts are. Compare feelings of the 'experts' to my instinct. What a wonderful experience it has been to confirm that my conclusions are very much similar to those that are at the grass roots of the evolving face of the Entertainment and Advertising Industries.

It will be entertaining to see how the 'dinosaur' in the Ad Game, is willing to adapt to the 'hatchling' in the Brand Game?

Given the fact that there are billions of dollars already attached to most corporate budgets. The good Advertising Agencies will adapt. Communication Companies however have a extraordinary opportunity to model what will become the standard in the Social Ecosystem. To go beyond the 'creative' and cost of traditional of Advertising.

Wether you are a Person Place or Thing, think globally, think Big Picture and BrandIT.

Be the Star that You Are...

Cara Azevedo

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