Saturday, June 23, 2012

BINGO! #Stampede2012 Vol 1

Hat at the Foot of the Bed
There is all this talk around me these days. What does Cowboy Culture mean to you.? What impact has growing up in a culture where a man can be taken at his word, because you can trust that he is true to his word. Old fashioned? Yep. I like old fashioned.

For some it's easy to be old fashioned. They grew up where old fashioned meant a good life. The Grandma's and Grandpa's showed the little ones the way. Pioneers true.

What's your story? It's the 100 Year Celebration of the Calgary Stampede. I'm born and raised Calgarian, At times Cowgirl, worn boots, hats, and two stepped with the best. All those memory's absolutely have a story to tell, a history to be shared...

The thoughts that I keep coming back to though aren't really even my memory's but the memory's of my friends and family. That 's what makes them Priceless.

The thing I always remember about the 70's was BINGO. It was every where, in the community halls, on the TV and at the fairs. Including the Calgary Stampede. Grandma would find a nice spot and settle in for the day. She would give us 5 bucks at a time and she knew she'd see our faces every couple hours for 5 bucks more, that or shelter from the thunderstorm. We owned those grounds. Just like everyone else.

Cowboy Boots Optional when Horizontal
Chinook Centre Pancake Breakfast, the smell fills the air. Yummy! Grandma and Gramdpa lived across the road from Chinook. Now the Glenmore underpass runs through the land. Every year we would go, a real highlight for us and the rest of the city. We used to see how many times we would get thorough the line. We could eat a lot in those days. Grandpa would always ditch us, to be first in line. We took to long getting all our western gear on. Funny, fondest memory being ditched. We did take to long...

The horses, I always loved how majestic horses are. The ones in the parade, at the Rodeo, the RCMP horses, the horses around town. The horses in your neighbors back yard because someone to drunk to ride home. Yep the horses. George Jackson's horses were always a highlight for me. His horses came all the way from BC back in the day, it was then just like now, a big deal to be part of the show...

Be the Star that You Are!
Now, all the Baby Boomers are walking around preaching the past. The thing is not to live there in the past, but have a piece of it's history in your mind, so when living 'in the moment' is happening, it will be something to celebrate in the future...

If your planning on passing through these parts, anytime soon, some advice for you. Leave your high horse at home. Put a hat on and be Part of the Energy. Giddy Up, Partner, Come and see for your self how the Good Folks of Calgary put on the The Greatest Show on Earth. Yahoo!

Cara Azevedo

Follow for real time tweets and photo's of the Calgary Stampede. I'm already posting Signs of #Stampede2012, pre Stampede coverage. The excitement is starting...

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