Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Breast Feeding Frenzy

The past few weeks Boobs are making headlines. Not for the usual reasons like, size, structure, likability and the occasional wardrobe malfunction or an actual valid story about breast health.

There seems to be a focus on creating controversy behind the very essence of what makes us Women.

The Republican Americans are making Women a Political Issue. In case you haven't heard, it's election 2012 USA. Everything about what makes Women different from Men has been brought back to the table for debate. A while back they even dragged the First Lady into it. It as a sad tactical marketing strategy from the far right wing that is willing to do anything to regain power in the US political system. Conversations are being created that serve to divide support amongst Women. Men are questioning the impact of Women's Rights, being shown images that are not supportive of their efforts for Humanity.

This past week there was a photo taken showing two Women breast feeding in Uniform. Military Women are trying to raise awareness and support of breast feeding in the military. This is a fair and valiant cause. With a healthy outcome for Mothers and Baby, ultimately supporting a positive family bond.

The question is, why breast feed in Uniform? Seems to me that when in uniform, there should be first and foremost, respect for the position one is representing. When did the Military add breast feeding to the official list of duties?

Parenting, healthy family relationships are not something that dominate while working at any post. Not in the office, the retail shop, the wear house, the service industry. None of these places or spaces in time are when a workers parenting takes precedence. Is breast feeding an emergency? When representing in any industry, it is the business at hand that takes precedent, from the board room to the uniform. Thats what you get paid for.

When advocating for Women's Rights one should be aware of the responsibility that respects the Rights of all Humanity. Have the fore thought not to feed content, that will create a negative response. When your valiant cause is credible, the better the response from all sides to your campaign the more successful it will be.

Cara Azevedo

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