Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Converge Calgary #Stampede2012 Vol 4
It's a Party x 4!

For Converge Calgary it's at least 4. This is the year, 100 years of good times. Celebration, all in the name of the Community. Calgary, we are all about being connected.
It's kind of like in high school when there is a big party, it doesn't matter what group your 'in', your going. Going to meet up, hook up, see and be seen, feel the fun.

When you get to be a grown up, these kind of events become a very real part of life. Personal life, Professional life. Most of us by now realize that the group we work for, the people we support, report to. All make up our Social Ecosystem.
Networking is no longer, just some breakfast group catch phrase.

Networking is how connections are made, relationships are formed, ideas are shared, dreams are realized.

Converge Calgary is continuing the innovation in celebration of community by creating a Series of diverse and energetic Events during this years Calgary Stampede.
Converge Calgary is proud to bring together Cowboy Culture with the Arts, Fashion, Music, Philanthropy, Sustainability and Technology.

Each Event has it's own character and identity. Displayed with a different Artistic awareness and highlight of a diverse group of Extraordinary Individuals.
All Events are in support of 'I am Genie Foundation', 'I've been Bullied' and 'Converge Calgary Rainforest Reserve' social awareness initiatives. Check them Out.

Each Event is a must attend. Every Celebration, with it's own focus will bring a Energetic and Exhilarating experience. Come and Celebrate the Calgary Stampede in Style with Converge Calgary.

Proud to support hardwork, innovation and artistic celebration.
Helping to make the world a little more mindful.
One good moment at a time.

Cara Azevedo

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  1. Thank you so much Cara. We truly appreciate the words about CONVERGE above. I truly look forward to working with you many more projects, and am so glad that we re-connected. See you soon.