Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Low Down #Stampede2012 Vol 2

The Grandstands for the Rodeo
Howdy Folks!

Yep, around these parts people really do talk like that. Not just at Stampede time but most of the time. So if your new, passing through or, checking out the looking glass. It's all real. Not like when you go to, say Vegas and people are wearing costumes and speaking from a script. These parts you just pick up on it.

Calgary is a wonderfully diverse multicultural modern city. We are hosting to the world and there is something for everyone.

Parade 2011
A quick insider lesson.

Stampede; Large 10 day Party for Everyone. 24/7...

Things get Messy from time to time durning the www.calgarystampede.com

I have an online ratings system. Mostly so viewers understand, that I understand, what I'm sharing may not be appropriate content.

The Wild West is set for a Stampede.

My Hashtag Guide

#Stampede2012 = Everyone = Public Party
#WildWest = Risky = Emotional Response
#WW = Not Appropriate = Likely Alcohol Related

If you find yourself talking funny, acting, feeling a little western over these next couple of weeks, be Part of the Energy and just go with it. We welcome you to experience a piece of Cowboy Culture and share it with those around you.

I am many things. This next couple of weeks, born and breed a Calgarian from Cowtown... That makes me a Cowgirl at Heart, Hello.

Cara Azevedo

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