Wednesday, July 18, 2012

#Stampede2012 That's a Wrap

That's a Bull
Happy Birthday to the Calgary Stampede. 100 years of bring together community and putting Calgary, Calgarians on the map.

Every year, not just year 100 is a remarkable year for the Calgary Stampede. I am a Native Calgarian, I have seen it all, I have complete respect for the hundreds of thousands of Calgarians, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Ranchers and Farmers that lay their Hearts on the Line for 10 days in July.

Dairy Farmers
Cowboy Culture, Western Pride, Energy, what ever you want to call it. When you've felt it you know it's real.

I spent most of this years Celebration talking to regular/extraordinary Calgarians. The ones that make Calgary a world class city. The ones that do what they do as a labor of love. With hopes that the love will somehow pay the mortgage.

Shinning Spirt
It was fabulous as always to see the lengths that folks in these parts are willing to go to, in the name of sharing with folks they don't know. I'm talking about Spirit. Such a small word with so much impact. Spirit in fact has changed the world and will continue to guide it. What a privileged to live in a part of the world where Spirit is a part of the Culture, where Spirit guides the soul, where Spirit out ways the riches.

From the free breakfasts for your few thousand closest friends/complete strangers, to the back yard BBQ, the community block party, the corporate whatever. The mini festivals, the music, yes even the Patios. All with one thing in mind, share the Spirit.

Horse Shoes are Good Luck
Congratulations are in order. Sure, I could like so many others, be a come from away with opinions and place judgements and then get financially compensated for them. Then act like as a result of the monetary attachment to my opinions that they are some how more valid than others. That's not my style, I think what I think. It has nothing to do with being validated by financial remuneration or being put up on a pedestal by other financially compensated colleagues.

Award Winning Cattle
The fact is that the Calgary Stampede has ultimately represented the City of Calgary on the World Map for a Century now. They deserve a pat on the back. For a Brand to remain strong, valid and current it needs to be adaptable, it needs vision for the future, it needs to meet the needs of the current audience. For the hundreds of thousands of Calgarians that have contributed to the Calgary Stampede over the last 100 years innovation is key for success.
18 year old Miniature Horse

Ultimately, I am in awe of all the folks that made this years festival one for the history books. Weather your job was to carry beer from one spot to the other, ask if we wanted to go faster, or you bedded the horses for the night in the Barns. Thank You.

Thank you, for your sleepless nights, your love, your losses and for sharing your Spirit. The world has yet again been able to feel what makes Calgary one of the Best places in the world to live. Grace and Gratitude for another Heartfelt year. Well done Calgary, Well done.
Calgarian Sun Set

Peace, Love and Light,


Cara Azevedo

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