Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Modern Communications Model 2012

I like research. It's exciting learning new things, thinking about new things, wondering how new things relate to old things. That kind of thing... you know.

Seriously,  I have had some extraordinary opportunities to research, design and implement everything from new technologies to new business models over the last couple of decades. Each time I have engaged fully and enjoyed the privilege of watching my imagination, innovation and integration positively impact the environments surrounding me.

My latest venture stems from the changing landscape of Media. I have always been involved in Media at some level in someway. The addition of tools like Twitter, Facebook and other similar 'Social Media' has with out question permanently changed our world.

The concept of engagement is something that can no longer be ignored. The days of one way mentally manipulative marketing as an effective sales tool are over. No one will accept being sold to. Adaptability is key to remain viable in the Modern Millennial Market place.

2012 is all about the Brand

Carazcom's Modern Communications Model

1. Brand Identification & Integration

2. Social Curation & Syndication

3. Journalism & Blogging

4. Media Management & Public Relations

5. Brand Matching & Content Detection

This Modern Communications Model is easily adaptable and can positively affect any environment. From scratch or applied to current situations, the impact of a complete strategy will benefit the Brand. It also is able to provide a path way to a completely engaged community that serves all the people involved.

Ultimately we all understand that, the Brands that survive the test of time are the ones that adapt and thrive in a ever changing environment. Move from a place of surviving to thriving.

Carazcom will be speaking to, sharing with and engaging various communities, corporations and events through out the fall. It will be a honour to be a part of your energy.

Feel free to engage Carazcom and myself, It is always a pleasure to share my Intellectual Properties. Like the water and sunshine, to the seed that blows in the wind, find your ground to grow in.

Person, Place or Product, Be the Star that You Are!

Budding to Blooming

Cara Azevedo

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