Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Film Festivals with an Alberta Flavor

For Canadians, every September the rumblings start out east, Film this and Film that. TIFF usually sets the tone and the wave for the cross country journey that so many Indie Films take.

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This year though things were a little different. In Alberta both CIFF and EIFF decided to take pride in their own identity. There is a freedom that comes with confidence and experience. Creativity and innovation can lead the way, rather than mimic something that others are doing. It's not the point to compete on a world stage but rather to share what is special and unique about your festival. To bring your own spice to the dish.

This year it didn't matter if I was lost in the back row in the dark theater or up front in the speakers chair. This year was an excellent example of things to come. Both up North and down South the energy was infectious. You wanted to be a part of the scene, join in the conversation, share your thoughts. This year people are engaged and ready to be part of Alberta's ever evolving identity in the Arts.

I've often talked about why I love Film. The power that a well produced piece of Art has to influence is second to none. Heck, well produced, not even, it just needs to strike a cord. When the passion of a Film Maker connects with the audience it is a wonderful thing.

This years selections at both festivals struck me as interesting. Interesting, both at CIFF and at EIFF picked films that spoke to them. Ok there is always the flavor of the day. The thing about festivals though, is they bring us the unseen, the unpublished, the looking to get picked up...

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Oh you know I saw a Film or two that struck my cord. It will be exciting to see the journey that these works of Art take. The Oscar talk is just getting underway. One of my favorite conversations.

A heart felt Congratulations to the CIFF Team and the EIFF Team. I am in awe of the hard work and passion it takes to bring a successful festival to light.

CIFF www.calgaryfilm.com wrapped last weekend, EIFF www.edmontonfilmfest.com is still going strong through till Sunday. Still a ton of entertainment to be had in Edmonton. Go and check it out!.

Cara Azevedo

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