Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I live at the North Pole. Okay, not really, although those years in the Rocky Mountians were pretty close. I could hear the Raindeer flying over often. Or maybe it was the helicopters?

A Gerry Thomas Photograph Lake Moraine, Rocky Mountains 

What ever the case, I have been born and raised in a Winter Wonderland. I often look at the Hollywood Movies this time of year and think how odd all the effort to make everything look winter white. All I do is put on my massive floor length down jacket and I'm good to go. Good for the moment I walk out the door and the cold air takes my breath away, stands my hairs on end and whisks my feet from under me.

Such spirit we have this time of year. We go about our business, like no matter. So when you wonder about what makes us a little different, think about the character it takes to see everything as magical when your breath is taken away everyday.

This year I invite you to join myself, Carazcom and the Gerry Thomas Gallery as we celebrate the Holiday Season in Winter Wonderland.

There is this extraordinary space and place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One that has been created to capture the imaginations of those who walk through the doors.

Every time I pass through the doors I am transported in to the here and now of a Contemporary Gallery.

This month come and see our vision of a Winter Wonderland. Take a piece of Winter Wonderland to add to your place and space. Your vision of northern character is some thing to be celebrated.

Love that word Celebrate, we work hard. All of us, always on the run, place to be, peoples to see, business to be done, charity to be made.

So every so often a chance to let your hair down or maybe have an updo is a breath of fresh air. A breath that adds to the bounce in your step. For the Gentlemen, the timing is just right to rid your self of that movember that has been keeping the love at bay.

December 6th, 2012. We are having a Party. A Winter Wonderland Party . Bring your Brightest Holiday Bling. Come and Celebrate the Season with us. Connect with some wonderful characters. The kind that Create the Warm and Fuzzy feelings. Those same feelings that face the possibility of being Frozen this time of year. So excited to see and feel your Soul Shine as you pass through our Doors this Holiday Season. Welcome One and All.

Cara Azevedo

Sunday, November 11, 2012

BrandIT BuildIT BroadcastIT

The 3B's of Communications

In the Past it used to be enough to simply Brand your product. For years Corporations like McDonalds relied on the 'Golden Arches'. They would put up a sign and people would follow their way to a Big Mac. Interestingly, even the bright and shiny beacon in the sky started to fade. The great 'Golden Arches lost the luster and became 2 dimensional. All the while, new and developing Baby Brands started to enter the market place. They did things differently, had different products to offer. The new players were more 3 dimensional...

Nibble, nibble, nibble. It often goes unnoticed, that is until someone notices the change in the bottom line, then everyone is interested. Interested in the evolution of the Brand of the Product. Time to jump on the next big thing before the profit margin misses the boat. It is a sign of a great corporation, thrusting them selves ahead in the communications game, staying true to meeting the needs of a ever evolving community (consumer).

Currently the concept of Building a Brand is all the Buzz in the Industry. Communications and Marketing professionals in all streams of Media are on board with the fact that a Brand comes with a Story, It's time to tell your Story. Create an opportunity to go beyond connecting and offer context for building a relationship.

As the traditional industry of Marketing and Communications faces the addition of tools like Twitter and other Social Media. It finds the need to be adaptable. Some players are beginning to fade and other players are offering a more complete product to meet the current needs of a multi dimensional client and   community it services.

Broadcasting your Brand with the use of multiple platforms is how your Person, Place or Product meets it's next opportunity for community engagement. A Full service Branding, Communications and Media Agency in the hear and now will be able to offer it's community a world of endless opportunity. Endless opportunity to engage and connect with the community it provides for.

While some are still lost in the past, others are trying to get a handle on the present, a few are planning for the future. If you listen closely, you will start to hear the terms. Things like, SocialTV and Branded Entertainment. 

A Brand Communications & Media Agency of today will respect the past, understand the present and have vision for the future. Frankly humanity's rapid growth in the use of technology and it's tools demand it.

The 'Golden Arches' can still be spotted, you can still get a Big Mac and a Salad or perhaps even a Fruit Smoothie if you like. Change is a wonderful thing. It offers opportunity for enhancement and growth. Innovation is often a product of evolution. Something to be embraced.

Carazcom's 'Modern Communications Model' embraces the '3B's of Communications'.

Cara Azevedo

Canadiana, Charity and Celebration

There are many great things about being a Canadian.

Fundamentally Canadians have always been a melting pot of Nations. Creating a unique opportunity for all of us to learn with diversity. Enabling our ability to display empathy towards one another.
This wonderful life experience brings out the compassion in all of us. Out of compassion, is born Charity.

Charity, love; kindness of heart; willingness to help.

Celebration, to make famous; to hold ceremonies on honour of.

Often life gets so busy, sometimes it is forgotten that we need to take the time to share success, hard work, our humanitarian passions.

Excellence in Artistry is a wonderful way to Celebrate Charity. 

'Harmony for Hope' is Child Find Alberta's way of saying "Lets Celebrate". Bring together community. Together for some moments that will make up wonderful memories.

Here's some of what to expect from this years Celebration. Artistic Director Jean-Louis Bleau is creating a Choral Show with diversity and artistry. There will be a colourful Candy Bar,  yummy. A Silent Auction filled with wonderful donations from our industry partners and the awesome company's that exist in the Calgary Community. A full service Refreshment Bar with something for everyone.

The beautiful and talented Judy Gabriel is our wonderful host for the evening. Connect with Judy through . Shaw's 'City Vibes' will be popping by the Event to capture some of the Show, highlight Child Find Alberta, mix and mingle with some of Calgary's Finest.

Universal Children's Day is November 20th. Child Find Alberta has chosen this important day to bring attention to Canadians commitment in creating a community that keeps Every Child Safe from Harm.

It is of value to understand the importance of supporting Charity. When charity is there to support our nation, our children. 

Be a part of the Canadiana way, come and Celebrate with Child Find Alberta's 'Harmony of Hope'.

November 20th, 2012 at the Boyce Theater in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The Fun with Friends, Family and Colleagues begins at 6:30pm.

For tickets to this wonderful event go to 

We look forward to connecting and celebrating. Join us, will you.

Cara Azevedo