Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Great Ward 8 Debate | Elect Ian Newman | City of Calgary 2013

The Great Ward 8 Debate

Have you been part of the conversation?

Still wondering what all the chatter is about?

Here are some last minute basics and links.


The City of Calgary Elections Link 

This Video is from the Ward 8 Civic Camp Forum held in the Community of Bankview.

Just one of the many full house community events Ian has attended over the past weeks on the conversation trail.

Are you are a voting resident of Ward 8?

Ian has been very successful in creating conversation and relationships over this past year.

Ian looks forward to continuing his journey of community engagement. This is in many ways just the beginning.

Ian Newman is completely qualified to sit in the chair that will be making decisions for you and your loved ones. Important decisions, the kind that affect the citizens of Calgary today and tomorrow.

Ian is grateful for your consideration and participation.

On October 21, 2013 | Vote, please and thank you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#CIFF2013 | Youth by Youth Cinema Competition

My Wow Moment...

Calgary International Film Festival

Raw or refined, that's the thing about film festivals. Often in one sitting you can see it all.

One of the reasons I love shorts.

I made it out to the Youth by Youth Cinema Competition | CIFF2013

As always I enjoyed watching the workings of young minds. Films show an audience what is going on in an Artists mind. For me it wasn't the films that stood out, so much as the personalities that produced them.

Really I could write an entire article about the amazing impact the Gaudio family is having on the future success of Alberta's digital innovators and content creators. Mentorship and infrastructure at at grass roots level is key to economic viability in the evolution of the Arts. It was obvious the effect they are having on the Artists ability to deliver quality product.

One can only hope when you are writer or at least my kind of writer, that there is a 'wow' moment.
Something you can sink your thoughts into. I was reviewing media from this event and I quite by accident saw my 'wow' moment.

Here's the story. My media notes for the event were very basic, no mention of any special guests. I decided to cover the event as it is totally my thing and the mini me loves it too. Perfect. We enjoyed the many entries from around the world. We ate popcorn and had candy, rustled the wrappers just enough to be too noisy a couple of times. Had a great time on the audience roller coster of Youth Shorts.

There was a lovely question and answer. I so enjoyed how the youth film makers talked about when they were little as inspiration for many of the films.

Then the Jury came in. To present the Awards for the Competition, the Honourable Mayor Nenshi.

It was a bit of a surprise that he had also attended the event. As Kelsi Jones walked down the isle to recieve her Award from the Mayor. I couldn't help but think what a extraordinary moment in time it was for Kelsi. How thrilling it must have been for her, all the surprise of the event.

I had the pleasure of meeting the family. Yep, the entire town came out ;-) to support Kelsi and her magical moment. Such a wonderful moment to share with them, to see how proud they are of Kelsi's getter done and dare to be different attitude. Awesome.

I happened to capture Kelsi receiving her award for Best Local Live Action Film in a 14 sec clip. I just couldn't help but think, how cool is that!

Later on the twitter, yes, the twitter, @Kelsi_CJ and the @Nenshi were tweeting. The Mayor does have pretty cool shoes. Interesting what the Artist sees:)

Congratulations to all the participants and sponsors! A special thanks to The Calgary International Film Festival for hosting this event. These kinds of celebrations are so vital in the development of talent in the Film and Creative industries. Something our family has always valued. 

Special Shout Out to the Old Spaghetti Factory. I remember the location on 9th Ave SW, where you all used to play the silent films for us baby's while we waited for dinner. I miss the old movie room. The food is still my favorite. Thanks for sharing in the celebration with us!

Wonder what next year will bring...

Friday, September 20, 2013

#CIFF2013 | Opening Gala | The Inside Story

"The Grand Seduction"

Fabulous choice for opening night. Congratulations to The Calgary International Film Festival

A funny film, full of wit and wonderment. The Director, Don McKellar captured the characters and the written words with a timing that rang true to the story. Thank you for that. It makes for a journey that an audience is willing to take. A journey through the brutal realities of life, the way of paths uncovered and futures built. From political grassroots to love almost lost. Awesome.

After the film I had a chance to chat with some of the Cast and Crew. So nice, but of course they were. After all they are Canadian. Gordon Pinsent is indeed Iconic. 

The inside Crew story that captured me - a story that I think could ring true for every Canadian Film ever made.

A man spent a life time raising and serving his community like so many of us do. Helped less fortunate find their way. One fine day he finds him self retiring, left with the paths untouched before him. He goes back to his grass roots, finds peace and productivity in his craft in carpentry. Decides to spend some time in the land he came from. 

A film comes to town, one thing leads to another, next thing you know he's building the set. Wonderful. The story continues. "The Grand Seduction" is set in the Maritimes. I had the pleasure of talking to Daniel Murphy. Learning about his exciting story at the Gala hosted in Calgary, Alberta. 

The icing on the cake? The only-in-Canada resolution. (Like there wasn't enough Canadiana already.) Daniel is back in Alberta where he spent so many years serving his community. Why'd he come back? Simple - to help out with restoration and rebuild efforts from the ABFlood. This guy thinks he's just a regular dude. Canada - the place where regular dudes are the real heroes in the world. 

A theme so eloquently captured in "The Grand Seduction"

A night of Seduction, Absolutely! One Film Fallen in Love with. Next...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Press Release | John Kerr | Crowsnest Films | "Gord Bamford - Leaning on a Lonesome Song" Winner of 3 Awards

On the Set of "Leaning on a Lonesome Song"
Photo Credit; Colin Smith

Yahoo! Yipee! Yeehaw!

A Great Night Had By All At The 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards 

Canadians and Country Music have always had a special relationship.

In every industry there is competition. However, there is something about the Canadian Country Music Industry that makes it collaborative and supportive. The mentorship and sharing is the exact reason why Awards nights like this years CCMA's can be so fabulous.

It gives us all the opportunity to respect those whom have passed as well as a chance to check out the babies on the block. A few moments to witness some wonderful Artists and see some fabulous performances. The chance to listen to some words of wisdom and hear the shout outs to the ones who help make it all happen.

This years Awards were produced with the grace and class of the Canadian way. So cute to see your favorite CMT guy blushing on stage with the pretty girl. Even better to how she was so natural about handling it. I thought that moment was wonderful. All the moments were natural, graceful and heartfelt.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at this years CCMA's. It is your passion, determination and refined talents that make Country Music in Canada such a National Treasure.

Gord Bamford was called up on stage just a few times over the evening. Could be safe to say it was his night. Congratulations to Gord Bamford and his team! Commitment to excellence is a wonderful journey to be on. 

Filmmaker John Kerr and Crowsnest Films completely appreciate that commitment and are grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute talents to this valuable project.

This project was very personal to most involved. One that deserved a vision that captured and reflected the struggles from the story in the song. Artistic collaborations such as these, truly bring what is sometimes only heartfelt to something that can be shared.

Take a moment to get lost in this years CCMA's 2013

CMT's Music Video of the Year!

Click to Watch this Video 

Gord Bamford - Leaning on a Lonesome Song

John Kerr and Crowsnest Films would like to take this opportunity to personally thank All the Artists he has had the pleasure to work with over the past many years. John is enjoying his current collaborations with the community, the amazing Artists that make the industry so extraordinary. He and Crowsnest Films are passionate about continuing to share the journey with talented Artists and teaming up to bring their story's and songs to the silver screen. John Kerr and Crowsnest Films are thrilled to be a ongoing part of the history in Country Music. 

Filmed on Location in Alberta, Canada
Photo Credit; Colin Smith

Cara Azevedo

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Elect Newman | Ward 8 | City of Calgary Election 2013 | The Message

 6 Weeks to Voting Day, October 21, 2013

For the past nine months people have been asking Newman, "what's your position?"

The answer has been "I am here to listen and learn." Through all the engagement and conversation it became clear what issues are important. Specifically, Secondary Suites remain a top concern. 

On a broader scale many issues, ideas and concepts would be dealt with more efficiently when looked at with a Vision that is Affordable, Accountable and Action Oriented. These qualities are what make Ian a leader yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We all know that Calgary is a great place to live, love and laugh.

With the recent historic events, with it's past and pending effect on our lives, it will be even more important to have a voice that understands the complexities of Flood Recovery and the working knowledge of City Hall.

Newman's journey this year combined with a successful career in disaster restoration has placed him in a unique position. Ian Newman has a keen understanding of the knowledge it takes to navigate the City of Calgary and the Communities of Ward 8 over the next four years.

The Campaign would like you to be a part of the journey. Join along by connecting with Newman on Twitter and Facebook. Also for more information check out the Website

Cara Azevedo

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Morale in Mission a Sinking Situation | Ward 8

Today was spent in Mission (wikilink), Ward 8, Calgary.

These are some snap shots of how things are looking and feeling. So much I could say... Was thinking I'd just go with the picture says a thousand words theory. These are what the streets of Mission look like. You know the ones that didn't get cleaned up for the Stampede...

If you are living or working in the SE Corner of Mission, this is what you get to park in. Flood Mud, nice... Not so much.
I saw the Street Cleaners on Deerfoot the other day. Regular maintenance. The road was completely fine. Time for a rethink on some projects, sooner than later. The conversation of needs vs wants.

This is my shout out to Parks and Recreation. These shots were taken today in our inner city neighbourhood of Mission (weblink)It will take some time, even years for clean up. Perhaps still, it would be a good idea to at least clean up the path that is the front yard for thousands of flood victims, sooner than later. When it comes to our parks and path ways, there needs to be a value placed on Social Return on Investment. SROI

The Irony in a Statement, this is from the Marketing Sign out front to one of Missions newest developments. It's called "The River". It is being built pretty much right in the Elbow River. I'm all for density but the current alderman didn't think to say this might be an issue? Even before the Flood? The river pathway is now the future front door. Just a guess but I'm thinking might of had some constructive input into that conversation.

This is the building across from the new construction. Still completely uninhabitable. It was interesting how my documenting was making the security and construction folks extremely nervous. They kept a watchful eye, not my style to cross the line, just capture and share.

This is a private revenue property, waiting on a claim for clean up... The reality is, it's the Renters / Residents Yard...

Just two of the sinking and condemned properties in Mission. It would be logical, as much as we focus on the building. The reality is the ground in Mission is quite possibly considerably less stable than is being communicated. Again thinking  f Ian A Newman and his years of expertise would have valuable input into these conversations.

@IanANewman and I have been engaging the conversation and community since the being of the new year. It may seem like we have just begun the Campaign and in some ways we have. The reality is the journey has been under way for sometime. We appreciate the respect this Video shows our Campaign and others that are willing to put themselves 'Out There' in the name of public service... So important public service, not private interests when you are an Elected Voice of the People.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Press Release | Crowsnest Films | Gord Bamford - Leaning on a Lonesome Song | CCMA Nomination | CMT Video of the Year

For Immediate Release

Crowsnest Films is once again honoured to be included in the Canadian Country Music Awards on September 8th in Edmonton, Alberta - the CCMA's. Gord Bamford's - 'Leaning on a Lonesome Song' has been Nominated for CMT's Music Video of the Year. Filmmaker John Kerr and Crew were thrilled to collaborate with Gord on this project. This is not the first time this collaboration has seen success. In 2010 Gord's 'Day Job' a Crowsnest Film also won CMT Video of the Year. Then again in 2011 at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, 'My Daughters Father' won a Rosie for Best Music Video, another John Kerr and Gord Bamford collaboration. 

This year, Gord Bamford has received an incredible 7 nominations for his outstanding talents. Gord is nominated for record producer, songwriter, male artist, album, single, fan choice and video of the year. Quite an accomplishment, and reflective of his dedication to his artistry.

When it comes to Music Videos, John Kerr is one of those extraordinary Filmmakers that captures the story behind the song. John's ability to capture and tell a story is like no other. From the simplest of detail in the pre-production to the surprise element on the set. It all belongs and has a place in John's Films. It's that kind of nuance that come with a 14 plus year career, that ability to make the time stop, just long enough to get lost in a moment, lost in a song.

John is completely honoured to be able to help bring 'Leaning on a Lonesome Song' to the screen. Congratulations to Gord Bamford for writing such a powerful and meaningful song. Music helps shine the light on serious issues. Sometimes special people end up representing and becoming the face of the issue and sometimes they have a soul as heartfelt as Bamford to write a song for them.

Find out more about the behind the scenes of this set and the story. Feel free to connect with John Kerr at Crowsnest Films on Facebook and Twitter. You can also contact John Kerr directly on Facebook and Twitter as well as his moblie 1.403.617.9515.

Cara Azevedo

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Press Release | Elect Ian Newman | City of Calgary, Ward 8 | Election 2013

For Immediate Release

This photo shoot took place on the Tuesday before the Alberta Flood 2013. It had been raining and raining, we had rescheduled the shoot a few times already due to the rain. This time we commited and hoped the sun would shine, and for a couple of hours it did.

Elect Ian Newman Photo Shoot
The next day Ian went to work. He has been going to work almost everyday since...

The Back Story

Ian is a Disaster Restoration Professional. Ian is a 12 year Veteran of the Restoration Industry.

Ian works with the leading Canadian disaster restoration company, providing remediation, restoration and reconstruction services. Providing unequalled degrees of speed, scope and scale. Ian's mission is to deliver rapid and superior disaster restoration services in times of emergency.

This is a copy and paste from

Photo of some of the CAT team Day 6 of the flood. 
"From hurricanes to tornadoes, from rivers overflowing to hail storms, there are many different kinds of catastrophic events but, generally put, you’ll know when you’re in the middle of one. And if you’re there, we’ll be there with you."

The Here and Now

After careful consideration and discussion regarding the Campaign, Ian has committed his efforts to helping those most in need. Right now the place for Ian's actions to have the greatest positive overall impact on the community, is in his profession. His leadership, organizational skills, his vast knowledge of emergency and crisis management put Ian in a unique position. This past month has proved to be a test of skills for many. Incredible to see the results from an extraordinary effort Albertans have displayed. 

Floating Possessions 
The reality is that as many are returning back to routine. There are many who will for some time need the help of the specialists, need the help of non-profit organizations, need the help of the community, need the help of a good neighbour.  

Help comes in many forms as we have seen over the past month. Really simply extraordinary the examples of human spirit we have all witnessed. 

The Original Action Plan
Ian always comes with an Agenda and leaves with an Action Plan.

July 21, 2013 marks the final three months of the Campaign. Phase three.

Phase one included engagement with City Hall, City Council and Political Process. It went well. Ian is now educated in several of the current issues City Council deals with on a daily basis. He is familiar with the protocol of City Hall. Ian has conversed with many whom have interest in Politics. It has been a real honour learn from some amazing leaders.

Phase two included Community Out Reach. Ian began his journey to engage with community associations, identify the needs of each individual neighbourhood. Many friendly discussions were had, valuable information shared.  
Then the Alberta Flood 2013 happened and everything changed, many of Ward 8's neighbourhoods were devastated. To this day and for many days to come, the face of homelessness now comes in all shapes and sizes. Lets remember that many have lost everything.

Phase three's action plan included many things. Door knocking, call for Volunteers and Donations, just to name a few. However given the unforeseen events of this past month and the incredible amount of work to still be done in restoring our neighbourhoods and rebuilding community. We now have a revised plan.

The Revised Action Plan

Ian Newman
The Campaign will not be door knocking, Time management priorities for Ian include, working mostly non stop. The occasional sporting celebration, art and cultural festival or political event. Self care and life management for physical and mental well being. And then the moments with friends and family we all need.

The Campaign is not calling for volunteers. If you have any spare time or space, please donate it, support those in need. High River remains a community in need. Many citizens in Ward 8 are 'couch surfing', offer a spot. Both of these organizations will make quality use of your time and talents Neighbourlink Calgary and VolunteerCalgary | Propellus

The Campaign is not currently accepting donations. Please donate to the Red Cross.

The Campaign and Ian will continue to educate himself in all matters concerning the City of Calgary. It is so very important when representing citizens to have an informed opinion. 

Feel free to contact Ian or the Office through the website.

Ian Newman at Olympic Plaza

Follow Ian on Twitter @IanANewman

Like Ian on Facebook Ian A Newman

We will continue to support our new vision for the Campaign. The ups, the lessons learned all contribute to the opportunity to engage the Citizens of Calgary. Large or small help make your community a better place today. We have the power within our hearts to act with kindness. Calgary is a City with many sensitivities right now, choose to be a positive contributor. The Campaign, Ian's thoughts and actions will remain on being an informed citizen and being a good neighbour. As always, be well, we look forward to connecting.

Cara Azevedo and Ian Newman
Cara Azevedo for the Office of Elect Ian Newman

Find me on Twitter @CaraAzevedo
Friend me on Facebook CaraAzevedo
Check out Carazcom

On a personal note. I have always been a proud Canadian, Calgarian. The catastrophic events of this disaster and the personal response from the folks I am blessed to share community with... Well, I'm thinking I no longer need to provide proof of my pride. 

Additional Information for those in need.

The Alberta Flood 2013 Links

Make the Call
211 Community Services
311 City of Calgary
411 Information Directory
511 Highway Information
911 Emergency Services

Monday, June 3, 2013

Where is Ward 8?

Where is Ward 8? 

A Local Mural with Local Faces  
In the City of Calgary the regions of representation fall under 'Wards.'

Ward 8 is diverse, economically, socially, culturally. With in it's Neighborhoods, you will find local Community and yet some how still be connected Globally.

It's Spring in the City! If you have been down 17th Ave SW this past while you know that means it's Patio Season.:) And just beyond the Patio, planting season is well under way...

The Elect Newman, Community Connectivity Plan, this past weekend took us to the wonderful Neighborhoods of, Westgate, Rosscarock, Wildwood and Spruce Cliff. Click on the Community to find out more. While out meeting people we listened and learned many things.

The three things that stood out for the Campaign

Ian Meets the Rosscarock Rabbit
All the current work of the Communities to be connected to your voice at the City through your Councillor will not be affected. It is Ian's mandate to be educated in matters of the Neighborhoods and the City come October. This is why Ian has been engaging him self in the conversation at the City level as often as possible these past few months. Ian is now continuing the conversation and engagement at the Community level.

Ian and Cara at Wildwood
Traffic mobility is a common concern of all Citizen's. Whether you are a flow or a destination Community. Most Calgarians can identify issues with traffic. Although one can respect administrations value and priority placement on traffic flow. It still should be considered that gridlocking a community to serve flow, well there needs to be a middle ground met. It is the Councillors job to support these conversations.

Gardening from the Grass Roots
On the subject of Community Gardens. The conversation goes way beyond what's growing in the dirt. It's about planting seeds. Seeds that grow Community spirit, seeds put roots in the ground that create Neighborhoods. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) in Community Gardens is Priceless.

It was a true pleasure meeting the people behind the scenes that create and keep the spirit of Community alive and well in their Neighborhoods. Thank you for your time, talents and your willingness to share them.

To find out more about Elect Newman, you can Like him on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter and for all the latest News and Views you can find him at . We are actively seeking team members, volunteers and donations, bring your talent to the table. Follow the links to be part of the energy. Ward 8, it's time for a Newman.

Cara Azevedo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame


Calgary is a Great City.

We hear about it often, really, very cool when you think it...

It's Nice to be able to be Proud of your City. I like nice.

Calgarians are ComPassionate and Collaborators. As result of this extraordinary things happen here.

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is one of those 'things'.

Social Media Breakfast YYC  have Teamed up with Canada's Sports Hall of Fame to bring you @smbyyc #40 | The Digital Athlete | Social Media and Sports

Join us May 24th, 2013 for information sharing and networking. So much to learn about when it comes to the Dynamics of Sports and Media. The Who, What, Why and How to become a Sports Star. with Special Guest Jan Hudec

Follow the link RSVP to smbyyc #40  and we will see you there. @CANsportshall truly is an incredible facility. Honoured that such an effort of excellence has gone into preserving our history for future generations. Put it on your Staycation List, Bring yourself, your family, your friends. An experience you will cherish, moments worth remembering.

Special Thanks to, Travis Cross, Catherine Saykaly-Stevens and Donna McTaggart along with the rest of the Team. Link to them on Twitter and Follow to Join in on the Conversation.

Cara Azevedo

Sunday, April 21, 2013

City of Calgary | Election 2013 | Press Release April 16, 2013

This is a copy of the official Press Release that went out this past week regarding Elect Ian Newman.
Carazcom is honoured to include this campaign in the list of projects we are currently managing.

For Immediate Release
April 16, 2013
Elect Ian Newman
It is never too early to talk politics. In fact, the conversation has already begun.
Ian Newman is your Calgary City Council Candidate for Ward 8. Ian would like to serve and represent the people of Ward 8 as their Councilor on the next City Council starting in fall of October 2013.
Ian Newman has lived in the Beltline since 2004 and loves Calgary.
Calgary’s Ward 8 is a unique Ward. It is diverse economically, socially, and politically. Ward 8 needs a councilor that understands this and is willing to work within the needs, wants and desires to deliver ideas and solutions that bring people together to create community.
Ward 8 needs a councilor that is ready to listen and learn from the people of Ward 8 and other citizens of the city.  A councilor that will respect every position.  A councilor who is always engaging the residents, stakeholders and visionaries in hopes of bringing people toward a common goal of a thriving Community.  A Councilor that is ready to serve and represent the Residents of Ward 8.
Over the course of this campaign and beyond, Ian will be that someone.  It’s time for a Newman, Ward 8.
The Office of Elect Ian Newman is extremely excited about this opportunity to connect with the citizens of the City of Calgary. Please visit our Website and connect with Ian on Facebook and Twitter.  Find out more about issues and ideas. See some of what the campaign has been up to lately.  Over the next six months we invite you to engage Ian and his staff as often as possible.
Best Regards,
Cara Azevedo
For the Office of Elect Ian Newman