Monday, January 21, 2013

Field Trip


Fancy Schmancy Style

"Field Trip" When you are a kid those words bring on the biggest excitement.

Really it doesn't matter where that bus is going, it's enough to climb aboard. Happy Dance. cha cha cha

"All Aboard" the words you hear just before leaving the station. The sound of the steam, the whistle of the engine. It's time for an Adventure. My favorite, An Adventure.

This particular trip, destination; the Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It's that moment when you finally arrive, that moment when you get to see, what that excitement was all about.

I will always remember the staircase, the chandelier that hangs four flights in the air, the prisms that capture the light. I will always remember the Native Collection, I will always remember the Costumes, the Animation, the Asian Collection, the Photo Archives... So many memories, that super cute Adrian Grenier and his Entourage. ok now I'm just getting distracted.

Adrian Grenier and Evan Ferrante

What ever it is, there is always a moment when your at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary that will make a memory. The 'Last a Life Time' kind.

As time evolves, so does the Glenbow. 2013 will be an exciting year. The citizens of the City of Calgary are a proud bunch. There is no question that the people in place at the Glenbow are Art enthusiasts, that bring excellence in everything they do. Looking forward to seeing the history of extraordinary continue.

Pivot Glenbow

With it's second birthday just under it's belt, there is no question that the Pivot Glenbow is beginning to make it's mark on the future of the Museum. The dynamic energy this group holds, will continue to have an impact on the future of the Glenbow Museum.

The Costumes

The First Stop on this years Schmancy Fundraiser brings us to Belgo's on January 24th. A sneak peek at some of the Style you might see if you were lucky enough to get a ticket to the main event, February 9th.

Hats of to all the wonderful folks that have come together for this valuable fundrasier, the kid in me really apprieciates the opportunity to continue to be a Part of the Energy.

Cara Azevedo

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