Monday, June 3, 2013

Where is Ward 8?

Where is Ward 8? 

A Local Mural with Local Faces  
In the City of Calgary the regions of representation fall under 'Wards.'

Ward 8 is diverse, economically, socially, culturally. With in it's Neighborhoods, you will find local Community and yet some how still be connected Globally.

It's Spring in the City! If you have been down 17th Ave SW this past while you know that means it's Patio Season.:) And just beyond the Patio, planting season is well under way...

The Elect Newman, Community Connectivity Plan, this past weekend took us to the wonderful Neighborhoods of, Westgate, Rosscarock, Wildwood and Spruce Cliff. Click on the Community to find out more. While out meeting people we listened and learned many things.

The three things that stood out for the Campaign

Ian Meets the Rosscarock Rabbit
All the current work of the Communities to be connected to your voice at the City through your Councillor will not be affected. It is Ian's mandate to be educated in matters of the Neighborhoods and the City come October. This is why Ian has been engaging him self in the conversation at the City level as often as possible these past few months. Ian is now continuing the conversation and engagement at the Community level.

Ian and Cara at Wildwood
Traffic mobility is a common concern of all Citizen's. Whether you are a flow or a destination Community. Most Calgarians can identify issues with traffic. Although one can respect administrations value and priority placement on traffic flow. It still should be considered that gridlocking a community to serve flow, well there needs to be a middle ground met. It is the Councillors job to support these conversations.

Gardening from the Grass Roots
On the subject of Community Gardens. The conversation goes way beyond what's growing in the dirt. It's about planting seeds. Seeds that grow Community spirit, seeds put roots in the ground that create Neighborhoods. The Social Return on Investment (SROI) in Community Gardens is Priceless.

It was a true pleasure meeting the people behind the scenes that create and keep the spirit of Community alive and well in their Neighborhoods. Thank you for your time, talents and your willingness to share them.

To find out more about Elect Newman, you can Like him on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter and for all the latest News and Views you can find him at . We are actively seeking team members, volunteers and donations, bring your talent to the table. Follow the links to be part of the energy. Ward 8, it's time for a Newman.

Cara Azevedo

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