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Press Release | Elect Ian Newman | City of Calgary, Ward 8 | Election 2013

For Immediate Release

This photo shoot took place on the Tuesday before the Alberta Flood 2013. It had been raining and raining, we had rescheduled the shoot a few times already due to the rain. This time we commited and hoped the sun would shine, and for a couple of hours it did.

Elect Ian Newman Photo Shoot
The next day Ian went to work. He has been going to work almost everyday since...

The Back Story

Ian is a Disaster Restoration Professional. Ian is a 12 year Veteran of the Restoration Industry.

Ian works with the leading Canadian disaster restoration company, providing remediation, restoration and reconstruction services. Providing unequalled degrees of speed, scope and scale. Ian's mission is to deliver rapid and superior disaster restoration services in times of emergency.

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Photo of some of the CAT team Day 6 of the flood. 
"From hurricanes to tornadoes, from rivers overflowing to hail storms, there are many different kinds of catastrophic events but, generally put, you’ll know when you’re in the middle of one. And if you’re there, we’ll be there with you."

The Here and Now

After careful consideration and discussion regarding the Campaign, Ian has committed his efforts to helping those most in need. Right now the place for Ian's actions to have the greatest positive overall impact on the community, is in his profession. His leadership, organizational skills, his vast knowledge of emergency and crisis management put Ian in a unique position. This past month has proved to be a test of skills for many. Incredible to see the results from an extraordinary effort Albertans have displayed. 

Floating Possessions 
The reality is that as many are returning back to routine. There are many who will for some time need the help of the specialists, need the help of non-profit organizations, need the help of the community, need the help of a good neighbour.  

Help comes in many forms as we have seen over the past month. Really simply extraordinary the examples of human spirit we have all witnessed. 

The Original Action Plan
Ian always comes with an Agenda and leaves with an Action Plan.

July 21, 2013 marks the final three months of the Campaign. Phase three.

Phase one included engagement with City Hall, City Council and Political Process. It went well. Ian is now educated in several of the current issues City Council deals with on a daily basis. He is familiar with the protocol of City Hall. Ian has conversed with many whom have interest in Politics. It has been a real honour learn from some amazing leaders.

Phase two included Community Out Reach. Ian began his journey to engage with community associations, identify the needs of each individual neighbourhood. Many friendly discussions were had, valuable information shared.  
Then the Alberta Flood 2013 happened and everything changed, many of Ward 8's neighbourhoods were devastated. To this day and for many days to come, the face of homelessness now comes in all shapes and sizes. Lets remember that many have lost everything.

Phase three's action plan included many things. Door knocking, call for Volunteers and Donations, just to name a few. However given the unforeseen events of this past month and the incredible amount of work to still be done in restoring our neighbourhoods and rebuilding community. We now have a revised plan.

The Revised Action Plan

Ian Newman
The Campaign will not be door knocking, Time management priorities for Ian include, working mostly non stop. The occasional sporting celebration, art and cultural festival or political event. Self care and life management for physical and mental well being. And then the moments with friends and family we all need.

The Campaign is not calling for volunteers. If you have any spare time or space, please donate it, support those in need. High River remains a community in need. Many citizens in Ward 8 are 'couch surfing', offer a spot. Both of these organizations will make quality use of your time and talents Neighbourlink Calgary and VolunteerCalgary | Propellus

The Campaign is not currently accepting donations. Please donate to the Red Cross.

The Campaign and Ian will continue to educate himself in all matters concerning the City of Calgary. It is so very important when representing citizens to have an informed opinion. 

Feel free to contact Ian or the Office through the website.

Ian Newman at Olympic Plaza

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We will continue to support our new vision for the Campaign. The ups, the lessons learned all contribute to the opportunity to engage the Citizens of Calgary. Large or small help make your community a better place today. We have the power within our hearts to act with kindness. Calgary is a City with many sensitivities right now, choose to be a positive contributor. The Campaign, Ian's thoughts and actions will remain on being an informed citizen and being a good neighbour. As always, be well, we look forward to connecting.

Cara Azevedo and Ian Newman
Cara Azevedo for the Office of Elect Ian Newman

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On a personal note. I have always been a proud Canadian, Calgarian. The catastrophic events of this disaster and the personal response from the folks I am blessed to share community with... Well, I'm thinking I no longer need to provide proof of my pride. 

Additional Information for those in need.

The Alberta Flood 2013 Links

Make the Call
211 Community Services
311 City of Calgary
411 Information Directory
511 Highway Information
911 Emergency Services

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