Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Morale in Mission a Sinking Situation | Ward 8

Today was spent in Mission (wikilink), Ward 8, Calgary.

These are some snap shots of how things are looking and feeling. So much I could say... Was thinking I'd just go with the picture says a thousand words theory. These are what the streets of Mission look like. You know the ones that didn't get cleaned up for the Stampede...

If you are living or working in the SE Corner of Mission, this is what you get to park in. Flood Mud, nice... Not so much.
I saw the Street Cleaners on Deerfoot the other day. Regular maintenance. The road was completely fine. Time for a rethink on some projects, sooner than later. The conversation of needs vs wants.

This is my shout out to Parks and Recreation. These shots were taken today in our inner city neighbourhood of Mission (weblink)It will take some time, even years for clean up. Perhaps still, it would be a good idea to at least clean up the path that is the front yard for thousands of flood victims, sooner than later. When it comes to our parks and path ways, there needs to be a value placed on Social Return on Investment. SROI

The Irony in a Statement, this is from the Marketing Sign out front to one of Missions newest developments. It's called "The River". It is being built pretty much right in the Elbow River. I'm all for density but the current alderman didn't think to say this might be an issue? Even before the Flood? The river pathway is now the future front door. Just a guess but I'm thinking IanNewman.ca might of had some constructive input into that conversation.

This is the building across from the new construction. Still completely uninhabitable. It was interesting how my documenting was making the security and construction folks extremely nervous. They kept a watchful eye, not my style to cross the line, just capture and share.

This is a private revenue property, waiting on a claim for clean up... The reality is, it's the Renters / Residents Yard...

Just two of the sinking and condemned properties in Mission. It would be logical, as much as we focus on the building. The reality is the ground in Mission is quite possibly considerably less stable than is being communicated. Again thinking  f Ian A Newman and his years of expertise would have valuable input into these conversations.

@IanANewman and I have been engaging the conversation and community since the being of the new year. It may seem like we have just begun the Campaign and in some ways we have. The reality is the journey has been under way for sometime. We appreciate the respect this Video shows our Campaign and others that are willing to put themselves 'Out There' in the name of public service... So important public service, not private interests when you are an Elected Voice of the People.


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