Monday, August 12, 2013

Press Release | Crowsnest Films | Gord Bamford - Leaning on a Lonesome Song | CCMA Nomination | CMT Video of the Year

For Immediate Release

Crowsnest Films is once again honoured to be included in the Canadian Country Music Awards on September 8th in Edmonton, Alberta - the CCMA's. Gord Bamford's - 'Leaning on a Lonesome Song' has been Nominated for CMT's Music Video of the Year. Filmmaker John Kerr and Crew were thrilled to collaborate with Gord on this project. This is not the first time this collaboration has seen success. In 2010 Gord's 'Day Job' a Crowsnest Film also won CMT Video of the Year. Then again in 2011 at the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Awards, 'My Daughters Father' won a Rosie for Best Music Video, another John Kerr and Gord Bamford collaboration. 

This year, Gord Bamford has received an incredible 7 nominations for his outstanding talents. Gord is nominated for record producer, songwriter, male artist, album, single, fan choice and video of the year. Quite an accomplishment, and reflective of his dedication to his artistry.

When it comes to Music Videos, John Kerr is one of those extraordinary Filmmakers that captures the story behind the song. John's ability to capture and tell a story is like no other. From the simplest of detail in the pre-production to the surprise element on the set. It all belongs and has a place in John's Films. It's that kind of nuance that come with a 14 plus year career, that ability to make the time stop, just long enough to get lost in a moment, lost in a song.

John is completely honoured to be able to help bring 'Leaning on a Lonesome Song' to the screen. Congratulations to Gord Bamford for writing such a powerful and meaningful song. Music helps shine the light on serious issues. Sometimes special people end up representing and becoming the face of the issue and sometimes they have a soul as heartfelt as Bamford to write a song for them.

Find out more about the behind the scenes of this set and the story. Feel free to connect with John Kerr at Crowsnest Films on Facebook and Twitter. You can also contact John Kerr directly on Facebook and Twitter as well as his moblie 1.403.617.9515.

Cara Azevedo

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