Friday, September 20, 2013

#CIFF2013 | Opening Gala | The Inside Story

"The Grand Seduction"

Fabulous choice for opening night. Congratulations to The Calgary International Film Festival

A funny film, full of wit and wonderment. The Director, Don McKellar captured the characters and the written words with a timing that rang true to the story. Thank you for that. It makes for a journey that an audience is willing to take. A journey through the brutal realities of life, the way of paths uncovered and futures built. From political grassroots to love almost lost. Awesome.

After the film I had a chance to chat with some of the Cast and Crew. So nice, but of course they were. After all they are Canadian. Gordon Pinsent is indeed Iconic. 

The inside Crew story that captured me - a story that I think could ring true for every Canadian Film ever made.

A man spent a life time raising and serving his community like so many of us do. Helped less fortunate find their way. One fine day he finds him self retiring, left with the paths untouched before him. He goes back to his grass roots, finds peace and productivity in his craft in carpentry. Decides to spend some time in the land he came from. 

A film comes to town, one thing leads to another, next thing you know he's building the set. Wonderful. The story continues. "The Grand Seduction" is set in the Maritimes. I had the pleasure of talking to Daniel Murphy. Learning about his exciting story at the Gala hosted in Calgary, Alberta. 

The icing on the cake? The only-in-Canada resolution. (Like there wasn't enough Canadiana already.) Daniel is back in Alberta where he spent so many years serving his community. Why'd he come back? Simple - to help out with restoration and rebuild efforts from the ABFlood. This guy thinks he's just a regular dude. Canada - the place where regular dudes are the real heroes in the world. 

A theme so eloquently captured in "The Grand Seduction"

A night of Seduction, Absolutely! One Film Fallen in Love with. Next...

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