Monday, September 9, 2013

Press Release | John Kerr | Crowsnest Films | "Gord Bamford - Leaning on a Lonesome Song" Winner of 3 Awards

On the Set of "Leaning on a Lonesome Song"
Photo Credit; Colin Smith

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A Great Night Had By All At The 2013 Canadian Country Music Awards 

Canadians and Country Music have always had a special relationship.

In every industry there is competition. However, there is something about the Canadian Country Music Industry that makes it collaborative and supportive. The mentorship and sharing is the exact reason why Awards nights like this years CCMA's can be so fabulous.

It gives us all the opportunity to respect those whom have passed as well as a chance to check out the babies on the block. A few moments to witness some wonderful Artists and see some fabulous performances. The chance to listen to some words of wisdom and hear the shout outs to the ones who help make it all happen.

This years Awards were produced with the grace and class of the Canadian way. So cute to see your favorite CMT guy blushing on stage with the pretty girl. Even better to how she was so natural about handling it. I thought that moment was wonderful. All the moments were natural, graceful and heartfelt.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at this years CCMA's. It is your passion, determination and refined talents that make Country Music in Canada such a National Treasure.

Gord Bamford was called up on stage just a few times over the evening. Could be safe to say it was his night. Congratulations to Gord Bamford and his team! Commitment to excellence is a wonderful journey to be on. 

Filmmaker John Kerr and Crowsnest Films completely appreciate that commitment and are grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute talents to this valuable project.

This project was very personal to most involved. One that deserved a vision that captured and reflected the struggles from the story in the song. Artistic collaborations such as these, truly bring what is sometimes only heartfelt to something that can be shared.

Take a moment to get lost in this years CCMA's 2013

CMT's Music Video of the Year!

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Gord Bamford - Leaning on a Lonesome Song

John Kerr and Crowsnest Films would like to take this opportunity to personally thank All the Artists he has had the pleasure to work with over the past many years. John is enjoying his current collaborations with the community, the amazing Artists that make the industry so extraordinary. He and Crowsnest Films are passionate about continuing to share the journey with talented Artists and teaming up to bring their story's and songs to the silver screen. John Kerr and Crowsnest Films are thrilled to be a ongoing part of the history in Country Music. 

Filmed on Location in Alberta, Canada
Photo Credit; Colin Smith

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