Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#CIFF2013 | Youth by Youth Cinema Competition

My Wow Moment...

Calgary International Film Festival

Raw or refined, that's the thing about film festivals. Often in one sitting you can see it all.

One of the reasons I love shorts.

I made it out to the Youth by Youth Cinema Competition | CIFF2013

As always I enjoyed watching the workings of young minds. Films show an audience what is going on in an Artists mind. For me it wasn't the films that stood out, so much as the personalities that produced them.

Really I could write an entire article about the amazing impact the Gaudio family is having on the future success of Alberta's digital innovators and content creators. Mentorship and infrastructure at at grass roots level is key to economic viability in the evolution of the Arts. It was obvious the effect they are having on the Artists ability to deliver quality product.

One can only hope when you are writer or at least my kind of writer, that there is a 'wow' moment.
Something you can sink your thoughts into. I was reviewing media from this event and I quite by accident saw my 'wow' moment.

Here's the story. My media notes for the event were very basic, no mention of any special guests. I decided to cover the event as it is totally my thing and the mini me loves it too. Perfect. We enjoyed the many entries from around the world. We ate popcorn and had candy, rustled the wrappers just enough to be too noisy a couple of times. Had a great time on the audience roller coster of Youth Shorts.

There was a lovely question and answer. I so enjoyed how the youth film makers talked about when they were little as inspiration for many of the films.

Then the Jury came in. To present the Awards for the Competition, the Honourable Mayor Nenshi.

It was a bit of a surprise that he had also attended the event. As Kelsi Jones walked down the isle to recieve her Award from the Mayor. I couldn't help but think what a extraordinary moment in time it was for Kelsi. How thrilling it must have been for her, all the surprise of the event.

I had the pleasure of meeting the family. Yep, the entire town came out ;-) to support Kelsi and her magical moment. Such a wonderful moment to share with them, to see how proud they are of Kelsi's getter done and dare to be different attitude. Awesome.

I happened to capture Kelsi receiving her award for Best Local Live Action Film in a 14 sec clip. I just couldn't help but think, how cool is that!

Later on the twitter, yes, the twitter, @Kelsi_CJ and the @Nenshi were tweeting. The Mayor does have pretty cool shoes. Interesting what the Artist sees:)

Congratulations to all the participants and sponsors! A special thanks to The Calgary International Film Festival for hosting this event. These kinds of celebrations are so vital in the development of talent in the Film and Creative industries. Something our family has always valued. 

Special Shout Out to the Old Spaghetti Factory. I remember the location on 9th Ave SW, where you all used to play the silent films for us baby's while we waited for dinner. I miss the old movie room. The food is still my favorite. Thanks for sharing in the celebration with us!

Wonder what next year will bring...

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