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The Woman's Vote 2015 #canpoli

It came up in conversation the other day, that I'm a Justin Trudeau fan. Time to clarify!

Let me explain a few things about me. I have never attached to a political party. I support valuable candidates in which ever party they may be running in. I have bought party memberships, membership brings voting privileges that enable me to support valuable people. Fundamentally, I believe in minority governments.

Most recently I supported the moves of the Liberal Party with regards to the Senate. I have been studying the Senate and completely agree that a major overhaul is in order to restore it to it's intended purpose. The Senate is what makes Canadian government a democracy not a dictatorship.

On the Conversation of the Women's vote

Obama recently ran two successful campaigns in the past election. Yes 2!. He ran the standard conflict and contrast to the Republican's and he ran the grassroots Women's Vote.

It was enough to hold office even though everything pointed to Obama losing his Power. All the experts predicted this would be the end of Obama with the economy and the Obama Care mess. The odds were a no brainer.

Not how I saw it. I watched him roll out the women's vote after he had established his stance. I have a very keen understanding of influence. The strategy employed was methodical and very deliberate.

I see Trudeau using the exact same marketing plan. I'm not buying it.

Justin Trudeau is NOT the Women's vote.

Justin believes that Women are dependents not worthy of income splitting. He believes that it is too costly to leave the hard earned family dollars in the hands of the Mother. Nothing in his history of politics suggests that he has taken any action to increase the quality of life for Women. The only moves he has made with Women is to use them in his marketing plan to sell you on his vote.

Most recent stunt. Or shall I say, step in the political strategy. Is to invite women to run for the Liberals in the upcoming election. Personal note, this is the point that as a women in politics, I'm offended.

The reality here. In fact the Liberals have long ago identified and solidified the candidates that they believe have the best chance at winning a seat. They have picked the markets they are going after and filled the spots with influential men. The large budgets have already been allocated. Many of the liberal campaigns have been launched and are already fundraising.

I could go on about marketing and strategy, it will be all so predictable to me. The strong male stance, the sensitive caring husband. The I honour my wife (new baby). Appeal to diversity (pot), the Corporate 'I got your back' (men on the pay roll) blah blah blah. He's even been to Washington (selling oilsands), Marketing Plan... Do you know how much your vote costs? Ask Justin he knows.

Relationships are built on safety and trust, Justin you and I are already separated.

A message from the UN Women

This is a real supporter of women, she's compassionate and concerned. 

The only one to have earned the Women's Vote is Jason Kenney.

Jason Kenney has a long standing history of standing for Women's human rights. He just does it. With out question or appoligy. He doesn't need an AD campaign paid for by you, to bragg about doing his job. With consistency he has taken real action to improve the rights of women.

Jason Kenney was the one, who made it so all Women becoming citizens of Canada would show their face during immigration ceremonies. Previous to Kenney's actions Women were becoming Canadian Citizens in the most inhuman of circumstances, completely veiled in darkness. Kenney understood the power of the message such a simple change would make. Now every women that becomes a citizen of Canada knows that from the get go. They are worthy of being seen.

Jason also supports the concept of income splitting. He is able to see past the greed that is big government. The reality is that supporting women and valuing them with cash dollars, will mean that more money stays in the hands of young family's. I can't think of anyone situation that needs a few more dollars in their pockets than a young family. Un thinkable that the Liberal government would rather take your hard earned money than believe that your family is valuable enough to be supported by not taking from you that which you have earned!

The Leadership race for the Canadian Progressive Conservative Party is just getting underway. The sooner Harper steps aside the better for all of us. The selling of Canadian sovereignty in FIPA is unforgivable, to me it was the ultimate sign of Harpers weakness. Canada needs a leader that can see the Big Picture, Be Powerful enough to take Action with Grace and Forethought. A leader that has the history of standing for the right thing. Jason Kenney has that history.

Vote Count

Citizens have a voice, make sure the one that represents you, really represents you. Our land needs real statesmen and women to govern this country. Not just a bunch of poster boys, and girls used as fillers. 

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