Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's my Point.

So many points, I will be brief.

My official position regarding the highly debatable cycle track.

I do not believe that the 'track' is a fiscally or physically sustainable infrastructure.

I believe that the 'track' will increase risk of gridlock, greatly reducing safety response times.

I believe that everyone has a right to bring forth ideas.

I believe that government has a responsibility to enable ideas to be presented and considered.

I believe that everyone has a right to debate ideas.

I believe that during debate dishonorable conduct is completely useless and shows signs of weakness.

World Class City? Lets see how it is done in New York City.

I have been quite verbal with regards to my thoughts on the Cycle Track. I have made many very specific points highlighting the challenges associated with the 'track'.  I have received positive feed back regarding my points. Those that are truly connected with me understand my 'points' very clearly, those that lack the information perhaps should try listening and learning. Practice engagement with respect. Experience the positive results of conduct with character.

The current status of the debate.

It was originally presented as a 22 million dollar infrastructure. That conversation quickly evolved into a 11 million removable infrastructure.

The conversation is continuing compromise to perhaps a North South Track and a Stephen Avenue route. Possibly the elimination or alternate of 1ST SE portion. It would also be in the best interest of everyone if Chinatown was to remain completely unaffected and removed from all plans.

In general I believe that government has the responsibility to govern for the masses. So if I do the math.

A community that represents less than 2 percent of the complete population. Even less than 2 percent of that population is represented in the downtown core and even less of that population is gender proportionate year round.

That leaves over 98 percent of the population to be considered as key stakeholders in this debate.

The thing is, this proposed infrastructure is not a new creation or an evolution of existing infrastructure.

It is a deconstruction of infrastructure that currently serves 100 percent of the population. Ultimately it is a take away from the Many to serve the Few. At the expense of All.

Really, that's fair? ...

We all know that safety is a major concern. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own safety.

I do believe that a continued commitment to cycling in our City needs to be supported. I believe that the City of Calgary and the various departments associated with this conversation will continue to incorporate cycling into its master plans.

I look forward to the integration of cycling into the new communities. I believe the Private Developers are doing a stunning job of creating complete communities that consider all factors of positive sustainable spaces. 

It would be in everyones best interests if the City did the right thing for a 100 percent of the population. They are elected officials with a responsibility of representing all citizens.

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