Friday, May 16, 2014

It would be good if you could 'make it stick'.

Those words from my respected colleague lingered in my brain.

I was looking for a 'job', I could hardly say the word. That's what happens when you have had your own business or take positions that suited my situation for 'fun'. Like the summer I spent in paradise taking photo's... different story. The reality, after years of success, I was ready to find 'a something new'. An opportunity, one that would use all my talents. A situation where my education, training and my commitment to excellence would shine through.  A position that would honour my life experience and open the doors for a world of possibilities...

Like a designer dress, one that makes you feel like a million dollars. The fit just right, you hardly know it's there. Every step, forward motion ready to meet the world.

So one day everything is the same, you know the pace of evolution. Then the next day, that changes.

Just like me our world is evolving. The pace of success, stardom and power can be overwhelming. For both the person and the people. Often change needs to be managed. As creatures of habit rapid change comes with risks.

Most recently I was reading a article of a politician that required Close Personal Protection. It explained how a Special Unit was formed to provide Executive Protection Detail. It went on to explain the basics of the Detail and the general costs. It also highlighted that it was a significant stress on public resources. There was a strong public reaction to the story. The first was, why are we using public resources for this? The second questioned if it was necessary.

I do believe that with open communication, connectivity and travel the world is indeed a small place. Our lives are not so isolated any more. There is now more than ever a 'in your face' pop culture. This culture is one that accepts instant reaction, reflex as normal. At times that lack of moment to evaluate the reality or repercussions of knee jerk action puts people at risk. The other side of the coin, history has shown that many premeditated attacks are based on a strong psychological reaction that connects with the aggressor. Often an interpersonal relationship with the victim doesn't even exist. Is Close Personal Protection necessary? When risk assessment says it is, it is.

The cost to create a entire new unit within an existing government, public force is a stress on the system and takes away from resources that were previously allocated. The costs associated with these stresses added up and in this specific case the cost were passed on to the politician. Not exactly the best circumstance for any of the parties involved. At Convoy World Wide our costs are to cover you, your specific detail.

Convoy World Wide provides Close Personal Protection. ConvoyWW understands the need for everyone to be safe. Our Detail Unit of Personal Protectors & Transporters create an environment where everyday business, be it personal or professional may carry on as usual.

I love life, how sometimes when you open the door, the future walks through to find you. It is with great respect for the industry, the company that I have found a fit for me. Feels like yoga wear, familiar, ready and willing, looks like a designer dress I can wear anytime and everywhere.

Convoy World Wide ~ Elite and Discrete ~ Private Protection & Transportation Service Agency.

Connect with me for conversation, it is a on trend topic. PP&T's / Bodyguards and their place in our everyday lives. When you look closely you will see they, we are everywhere.

Cara Azevedo
VP Development


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