Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everyday Executive Protection

There has been an increase in conversation as of late regarding the level of safety and security most Canadians are used to. Convoy WorldWide is often asked to comment. Most often ConvoyWW's comment is, no comment. However, this is what Convoy WorldWide has to say...

In most western countries many people are able to live in healthy communities. Communities that lend to the feeling of safety and security.

The reality is even those communities are not as safe as they seem. Have you ever crime mapped your area? Read the district reports on crime in your neighbourhood? Looked past all the glamour of the Urban landscape to see what lies beneath the streets?

Often the real facts and figures show that many are struggling to make ends meet. As our world shrinks, resources dry up and relationships dwindle, yet there is still the basic human need to feel connected. With the hyperspeed of online connectivity vulnerable minds are easily influenced and infatuated.

That is where the real risk increases. The risk to corporations and the economics of it all are very real. While it is respectful to speak of corporate and online security, it is the risk to public safety that has shown the most significant increase. The computer is not often a hero. The real hero's, history has shown is the frontline, the first responder, the first on site.

The conversation of personal safety and security detail is something Corporations, Families, Communities, and Individuals must consider in this increased climate of risk.

Executive and Personal Protection is not something seen just in the movies and documentary's or for government leaders. It does take constant vigilance to keep situational safety while out in public, even without a specific threat Security Detail assumes there is always risk. Whether you are conducting business or enjoying pleasure Personal Protectors use their life long experience and training, their talents and unique skills to constantly assess and reassess every aspect that factors into your safety and protection while on your Security Detail.

Even here in Canada, you will find the need for personal security services. The powerful executive who likes to fly under the radar and conduct business efficiently. The gala event with special guest and the must have VIP transportation. The client's dinner and night out on the town. The trip abroad. A snow storm. Something as simple as a shopping trip and everything in between. There is a mutual trust built between the client and the personal protector, a trust that will bring peace of mind in todays changing world.

We all have People worth Protecting. The days of innocence may be behind us, now is the time to be informed, make responsible decisions and take action to ensure that what matters most is properly protected before the need arises.

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