Sunday, January 4, 2015

5 Benefits of a Professional Car Service

Most of us have seen them, black cars, SUV's with drivers. Some of us have enjoyed the experience of VIP Transportation. But beyond the obvious Glam factor what are some of the real values behind having a Professional Car Service in your contacts.

1. Many professionals and executives know a day on the run to meetings is a day wasted in the office. With a car and driver there is no downtime driving, stuck in traffic, looking for and paying for parking, finding entrances, facing the elements. You are able to keep up on daily business, connect with the office or even conduct meetings while in transport. Allowing for deals to be done with out interruption.

2. Not all vehicles are suited for every occasion or environment. A professional car service will always dispatch a vehicle suited for your specific need and circumstance. Everything from high profile to under the radar, urban to rural, even the weather is always a factor when considering a vehicle for transportation. You may take comfort in knowing your vehicle suits your needs.

3.  Life does throw a curve ball at times. From everyday disruptors to major challenges, a car and driver at the front door or on speed dial can make a world of difference. Having someone to pitch in and help on a moments notice, like a personal first responder in times of need may be a key factor and often contributes to a best possible outcome during stressful times.

4. In business there are daily arrivals, departures, special events, site tours, investor visits and trips. Show the people that matter, you value them. Provide an opportunity for everyone to function to their best potential and remove and minimize risk factors by having VIP transportation and logistics cared for. An engaged and thoughtful colleague will be respected and remembered by others.

5.  There is always a special event, gala or occasion where a little VIP is in order. Lets face it after a day of hair, make up, under-wardrobe, wardrobe and heels, not to mention the hot date. The last thing on our mind is driving, parking, walking, facing the elements. The no fuss, no muss, no one left without a wine glass, we have a car and driver is the perfect start and end to a magical evening.

Find out how car service can add value and benefit to your professional and private life. Build a relationship by creating an account or have a contract on file. The simplicity, the support and the security of VIP Transportation will all add peace of mind allowing you to do and be your best.

VIP Transportation by Convoy WorldWide will compliment and contribute to our clienteles lives. Connect with us at for further information.

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