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The Story of SomeWhen
SomeWhen is the story of three friends, Matt, Tom and Hank, who met on a movie set as background actors. Their common bond is their ongoing desire to get a ‘real’ role in a movie, and that has been continually thwarted by a system that will not consider them as anything other than ‘Extras’.
When Matt, the genius of the three, invents a time machine and convinces the others that it works, they decide to use it to go back in time with the simple intention of filming themselves ‘acting’ in various time periods. Their misguided goal? To put a demo reel together that may help them secure acting roles in the present.
As they stubbornly try to ‘keep it simple’, they begin to realize that what happens to them in the past and in the present will change their lives forever. Fortunately, the worst of their blunders seem to get ‘adjusted’ by an elusive steampunk-looking character that vanishes as mysteriously as he appears.
Meet the the Characters
Matt, Tom and Hank, experience the adventure along with them, watch "These Guys' embark on a journey they could not be less prepared for... Kind of like real life.

Neil Enock; Creator, Writer, Director, Producer of SomeWhen
Neil Enock is an admitted ‘tinkerer’. After creating and hosting the million-plus viewed TrainTalk.TV podcast he entered the film and television world. Neil has since been seen in The Klondike Mini-Series and in 2 & 3 season’s of AMC’s Hell on Wheels. He has lead roles in several independent short films and will appear in the movies Interstellar and Forsaken as they are released.
A great believer in independent productions, he often assists local and international projects in various capacities as crew or cast and has been known to lend his iTinkr studio to other productions. Neil also sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Indipro Alliance. As SomeWhen’s creator, Neil's current project is the Pilot episode ‘Fate’. 
Pilot Episode "Fate"
In the Pilot Episode, Matt gets his time machine to work and then has to convince the Tom and Hank that he has built something that actually works. It seems they have to learn the hard way, but once convinced they carefully plan their first trip to the past, deciding to travel to a time they are comfortable with, the Old West.
From the second they ‘land’ in the past their romanticized version of the the way things are is quickly shattered! Events unfold far too quickly and dangerously and in no time all they want to do is get back to their present. Although this is their first trip, They can’t shake a feeling that this was all supposed to happen, that something else is going on! Perhaps they are being watched by someone from… SomeWhen!
The journey has just begun. This is where YOU, yes you, come in. As with all indie productions until the production is picked up for broadcast or obtains major sponsorship. The production often rely on people just like you to pitch in big or small to help the production along. The Creator, Executive Producers and the Screen Industry have all stepped up to support this project. The recent passing of Leonard Nimoy has highlighted the importance and the impact this genre of television and film in this world. iTinkr and SomeWhen are ready to deliver.

An Indiegogo Campaign is currently running to help assist the production in completing the Pilot. Donate now to SomeWhen to see what happens next to this group of geeky creatives, aka 'These Guys' and their quest for fame. Join them in the fun and fantasy with a click and a credit card or check it out just for fun, through the Facebook/Events page. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor with some serious swag.
Broadcaster Notes is actively seeking a Broadcaster. Please contact the offices immediately for conversation.
Sponsorship Notes is actively seeking Sponsorship. Large Cash contributions made outside of the current Indiegogo campaign include opportunity for special donor status and opportunity for a film credit. Product Placement marketing opportunities for corporations and small business. In Kind donations that support of the many facets of a Production are always welcomed. Gratitude to the many Sponsors already signed up for the adventure. Please note them on's media and in the links below.  
Media Notes's Creator and Cast members are available for Sound bites, Audio interviews, live in Studio Audio and on Camera interviews. There is no doubt 'These Guys' have artistic presence and provide entertainment where and when ever they are. Consider bringing them in for conversation, from the state of the industry to the technology used to create special effects and everything in between.
The following links will bring you all the Social Media sites, you can follow along and experience the journey first hand. Learn more about SomeWhen's story, the adventures await us all.
SomeWhen on IMDB

Additional Written Copy Credits to Neil Enock
All Photos and Video are sourced from SomeWhen and iTinkr

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