Saturday, June 13, 2015

#BWMF2015 ~ #Banff2015

I was recalling about how many years I have been going to the Banff World Media Festival.
At first it was a social thing, the early 2000's mostly the odd presentation and the gala's, the people, the party's. A see and be seen kind of thing. Living in the Rockies at the time made it even more accessible, it has always been a celebration of individual efforts and success within the industry.
Somewhere along the line I started to take the festival in from a studious perspective, time to take things a bit more seriously. My focus began to shift from my on camera, production and post production work to my writing and my communication skills.
By the time I had been developing Carazcom Modern Communications Model, the research was key and valuable, BWMF offered a chance for me to confirm and expand my thoughts with worldwide decision makers in an industry I have literally spent my life time engaged in.
Arts, Entertainment, Media and Communications have always been the foundation of my passions.
This year like the past few years, I had my meetings set, time to bring my talk to the table.
Carazcom has brought independent producers projects to the experience and the conversation at Banff. This year Producer, Neil Enock and his itinkr, and were the focus of the content distribution talks.
2014 year was the year Carazcom introduced the World Media Community to | Convoy Worldwide, Executive Protection and Elite Transportation. This year the conversation continues, it is a pleasure serving 'Stars' and those that create' them with style and safety. has been a source of support to many producers and projects. From the full slate of services to specific jobs, goals and out comes, Carazcom uses tools from the communications kit to meet your corporations PR and Project Management needs.
The highlight session at BWMF 2015 was without a doubt "Archer". Having accidentally fallen in love with the writing and the characters this past year. Having taking me five seasons to find it, is an occasion for binge watching. Seriously though so respectful of Adam Reeds brilliance as a writer. It was fabulous to sit in on the conversation. Love those, this is why moments...
Having lived in the paradise of the Bow Valley in the past, one might think I would get desensitized to the majesty of the mountains.
Still every time I am in the Rocky Mountains I feel my breathe being taken away, It's not just about the thin air. I couldn't help but play a bit of hooky to float in the hot pools and capture with my camera... 
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