Sunday, September 20, 2015


At this point there is still a life time left when it comes to The Campaign trail.
For those that know me, it's no secret I am in engaged in the Political Process. I study politics, public policy, the Senate, strategy and so much more for fun. Well not just for fun. I do enjoy learning the details of the systems that provide for and regulate my everyday life.
Typically I support valuable individuals in their quest for office. I'm old fashioned, I think it's honourable to serve a country that people have come to historically to escape from hardship.
This past week I had the great fortune to attend a fundraiser for former MLA Kent Hehr, incase you haven't heard, Kent is running in the federal election for Calgary Centre.
The thing about Kent Hehr is he gets Alberta. To listen and learn from Kent's incredible journey. You know he understands the people he seeks to serve, all the people, not just the ones in red. Find out more about Kent on Facebook and Twitter
This was also the week all the Leaders rolled into town. The stage was set and a Great Debate was had. For me its not about the win, it's about the conversation. I love debate, this one did not disappoint in showing first hand the faces of our next Prime Minister.
Events always have a story to tell. So we are in Calgary it should be of no surprise there would be a strong showing of support for the Progressive Conservatives.
Honestly after what's happened to our Province of Alberta this past while I was a bit relived to see the wave of blue.

I've always believed in Canada. Always. Regardless of my own political views, I believe in the privilege of democracy.
I believe in the right to vote for the voice that best represents you. I believe all voice's seeking to serve, have the right to run a campaign free of hatred and personal attack.
I was taught Canada is a melting pot, a place where peace and prosperity are worth protecting...

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