Friday, December 9, 2016

Blogging and the Education Professional

Blogging is a great way to present a lesson!

There are many ways a Blog can support Student learning. Listed below are some of the ways an app like Blogger can help an Education Professional and a Student participate in an Universal Design Learning experience.

We know technology is a part of modern education and the use of it is second nature to the modern Student and their generation. As Educators it is imperative that Teachers connect with Students in a way that speaks to the Students inner core and spark imagination.

There are many ways a Blog can support the UDL movement, here are a few;

Students can subscribe to a Blog, so they will get the latest lesson without having to look for it.
Blogging may be used by most Education Professionals to bring forth a lesson.
With a blog you can give directions for the work to be done for the lesson.
With a blog you can live link a website and integrate a video that supports the lesson.

Play this short video below for an introduction to Blogging.

Also so important to remember that students themselves can build their own Blog as a way of Formative or Summative Assessment. Blogging is may also be used for collaborative communications and group work. Blogging may gain the Students attention while encouraging independence and creativity to think outside of the box.

While researching Blogs I also came across 2 educational sites that support and explain all the ways Blogs may be used in the classroom, by both Teachers and Students.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Educators have for some time now seen the value of this format as an effective way to educate and help support a creative and self-regulated learner.

Click the links below to discover all the ways Blogs support learning.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

eLearning Industry 

Blogging is dynamic and would be suitable for most areas of the curriculum from Math to Language, Science and even used to present a lesson in Movement.

The use of Blogging is an App that most Students would benefit from as a learning tool. A Blog may be simple or complex, making it suitable for communicating to all ages.

With all of its capabilities when used to its fullest potential Blogs are a wonderful example of how to bring a UDL lesson to the class.

In communications it is important to know your audience, in this case the Student. A Blog can speak to them with the written word, images, audio and video. Helping a Student to be motivated and engaging them.

The best thing about Blogging is once a Student has discovered and learned how to create or learn from a Blog, it will become a tool they may use throughout their entire Educational experience and beyond. Once familiar with this valuable tool the life long learner, as a participant in society may then integrate Blogging into their personal and professional lives, then use it as a powerful communication tool with their passions and in their community.

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