Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kindergarten Letter and Sound Recognition Lesson

Subject - Language

Grade - Kindergarten


Examples of online tools to help students achieve at grade level competency.


To support student learning of letter and sound recognition of Kindergarten curriculum.


Below are three technology tools to help students comprehend letters of the Alphabet.


  1. Have the students watch and sing along to Phonics Song 2.
  2. Have the students play on the Smart board the game Cloud Catcher
  3. Have the students play on the Smart board or make a paper document of Preschool ABC Recognition.


Students should be able to identify and say the sound of the letters of the Alphabet

1. Phonics Song 2

2. Lowercase Letters - Cloud Catcher Game

3. Preschool ABC Recognition Questions

Preschool ABC Recognition 

Live link for 10 Questions if necessary.


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