Monday, April 24, 2017

Math; You, Me and Educational Psychology

What is Math?

Math has no widely accepted definition. Different schools of thought, particularly in philosophy, have put forth radically different definitions. All are somewhat controversial.


We wonder why students can't connect with math, why the work-avoidence? Mathematics are so abstract and complicated even science can't come up with a clear definition.

Here's my theory, math is about patterns and shapes. Scientists, in particular mathematicians, use numbers and letters to articulate and decode everything from simple to complex formulas and calculations that explain everything from atoms to art, everything in reality and beyond.

In Communications everything begins with a Hook. The Attention Getter. When teaching Math, Students, humans need to connect with a prior knowledge that speaks to every students inner core which is capable of meeting the academic, behavioural, emotional, physical and social diversity of todays classrooms.

It is our role as educators to stimulate the brain through use of authentic activity. To model prosocial behaviour that Math does belong. It belongs in Culture, in the Classroom, in the Community and in the minds of Critical thinkers.

I chose 2 videos of the Fibonacci Sequence, as it is the fundamental basis of Mathematics in Nature and speaks to the Golden Ratio in Math. This view and representation of something very complex and abstract connects to everything.

The multiple representation of Fibonacci's Sequence will hopefully help move this knowledge from sensory register, to short term and then into long term memory. Creating an equilibration with the simplicity of this philosophy so as it can be recalled regularly. Sparking and transferring a new passion for mathematics and keen understanding that math is truly everything, everywhere, and a part of everyday life.

Motivation, specifically situated motivation is key when learning. Something the very best teachers do is connect new ideas, abstract concepts to intrinsic motivation, even emotion, perhaps a preexisting interest.

Not all students are children but even children are struggling with to much fat in their body mass. Statically speaking, humans are carrying more un healthy weight on their bones than ever before. It is well documented the impact excess fat has on our ability to be well, the negative affect on our health. Todays Educators have a social responsibility to to help construct, develop and create an environment where students have a aptitude for wellness.

Watch and learn, the video below explains the mathematical formula to weight loss. It even explains why some people are not able to lose weight no matter how much diet and exercise they get. I was overjoyed to learn the reality behind weight loss and how it could be achieved by doing what I do every moment of everyday. I just need to do it better with cognition and purpose.

Why not teach Math in Health class? Funny enough, even within different genders, different hormones have mathematical formulas and ratios.

There is so much I could say about this video below, hoping it sparks hot cognition in those that choose to view it. I am hoping you all identify on some level using your intellect as I did. Who knew complex romantic relationships are as simple as an abstract math equation?

In terms of education there is the need to Engage the Learner. Forget about your parents, your peers, your performance anxiety... This is about the importance of self; actualization, assessment, concept, determination, efficacy, esteem, evaluation, fulfilling prophecies, handicapping, instruction, motivating, observing, questioning, regulation, talk and last but not least self-worth...

When living life in colour sometimes we need to break the rules and take risks. Reconstruct and reflect, possibly even create a sub-culture. Mathematics is one of those areas that we all need to rethink.

For those of you that know me as a lover of linguistics, note I have used all 6 of the Language Arts in this document; view and representation, reading and writing, and speaking and listening.

Now if I could just figure out how to solve the problem, using scientific reasoning of turning dark matter into usable energy by way of creating an aesthetically pleasing calculation and formula...

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