Thursday, June 1, 2017

Debras Drives Adventures

Debra Ross has a passion for life. One of her life long passions has been a love of cars.

Below are some of her adventures with hot fast cars this past couple of years.

This opening trailer explains her vision for the future and desire to bring more adventures to life as she lives, loves and laughs. Join Debra in her journey to capture places and people of intrigue and influence.

This is a recent trip to Finland with Bentley to perfect her driving skills on ice. A skill she put to the test on a recent road trip back from Vancouver.

This is a recent trip to Arizona to perfect her racing skills where she obtained her SCCA rating. Sports car Club of America. When it comes to fast cars, training from the greats is key to confidence and competency.

This is a recent trip to Monterey Car Week, featuring Cannery Row and Pebble Beach - Concours d Elegance. By far the best hosts were Bentley and Mercedes, both treat us with grace. The unveiling at Mercedes was world class. 

This is a recent trip to Vancouver where Debra and Cara went to pick up a Classic! So many moments didn't make it to tape. Like Debra sweet talking the security that wasn't to pleased with the donuts in the parking lot but then told us we could go up to the old airport and play around on the runways. Always good to befriend the locals.

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